Review of Regulations - consultation questions


The SSRO invites submissions from interested persons regarding its proposed recommendations to the Secretary of State for review of:
  • Part 2 of the Defence Reform Act 2014 (the Act); and
  • the Single Source Contract Regulations 2014.
The SSRO has proposed recommendations in three key areas: ensuring single source spending is fully covered by the legislation; enhancing transparency; and providing effective enforcement of the regulations. The SSRO is also calling for views and further evidence in areas where other organisations have suggested changes and where there are issues that may justify making further recommendations.
Details are set out in full in the separate document entitled “Consultation on recommendations”.
The time period for this consultation is eight weeks. Responses should be provided in writing using this form by no later than 5.00pm on 24 March 2017. We will consider submissions received by the deadline, prior to making and publishing final recommendations to the Secretary of State by June 2017.
Where submissions are made, the SSRO asks that respondents focus on the benefits and impacts of the issues, and provide such evidence and examples as may support their submissions. This will help us to understand the basis for your submission, make a fuller assessment of the effect of the SSRO’s proposals and inform our finalisation of the recommendations.

Please enter or paste your responses into the text boxes provided. You can also attach supporting information in the form of Word or PDF documents.