ACE Training Provider - Customer Satisfaction Survey February 2018


ACE Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018 - Training Centres

As part of the changing Apprenticeship landscape, the Federation is currently working on a successor to the ACE system to assist in the efficient delivery of Apprenticeship Standards and the new processes and requirements associated with each Standard. However, in the meantime, it is still really important to us that we continue to support all of our customers and as part of this we invite you to take part in our annual online customer satisfaction survey.

2017 built on the successes of previous years with 306,348 Apprenticeship Completion Certificates approved and printed across England, Wales and Scotland.

As in previous years, we have continued to tackle rejections and have raised awareness regarding the most common and repeated causes of rejections in an attempt to reduce monthly rejection rates. However, rejections continued to fluctuate with the highest rejection rate this financial year being 17.02% in October. On a more positive note though, 2017 also saw our lowest ever rejection rate of 13.45%, which is a real achievement for everyone and one that should be celebrated. We just need to try and repeat this great performance and keep rejections at a consistent low.

2017 also saw a number of system and procedural changes on ACE, all of which were driven by feedback from users. Much of this feedback is gained from our annual customer satisfaction survey so your feedback is not only very much appreciated but it also helps to inform, direct and improve our customer service and support offer.

As one of our key customers, we would very much appreciate if you could take the time to complete this short online survey and give us your feedback on how you think we are doing!

Whilst we want to encourage open and honest feedback, if you raise specific issues or concerns relating to any Certification Body (CB) then we will pass your details to them so that they have the opportunity to respond to the issues raised and work directly with you to address the concerns raised. However, if you do wish your feedback to remain anonymous then you have option to specify this preference and although your comments will be passed on to the relevant CB they will not know the source. Though this may mean that it is much more difficult for them to address any specific issues that you may be experiencing.

The survey will close on FRIDAY 16th March 2018.