Wedding Stationery Feedback for Dapper & Bride


1. Can you please remind me of your names? *


2. When is/was the big day? *


3. Which area do you live in? *


4. How did you hear about Love Keewi/Dapper & Bride? *


5. What were your expectations prior to hiring/working with Dapper & Bride and what were your first impressions of the brand/Kysha? *


6. What were some of the things you most liked about working with Dapper & Bride? In detail, please describe your experience and list your favourite ordered item - detailing your reasons for this choice. *


7. How did your original idea or concept of wedding prints match the final outcome for the big day? Please explain how it was achieved or if it missed the mark and why? *


8. Is there anyway you can think of that the Dapper & Bride experience could be improved for future couples? *


9. How would you rate Dapper & Bride's services? *


10. Would you use Dapper & Bride again and or recommend Dapper & Bride to a close friend or family member? *


11. What did some of your guests think about your magazine or prints? (Share reactions, thoughts, memorable moments) *


12. Please use this space to share your additional personal comments/thoughts/messages. *


13. I'm proud of the work I produce and love to show my projects. In addition to the cover, I may have chosen a design completed for you to showcase on my website or on my Instagram page @dapperandbride.

Please check the box below if you prefer for your print not to be displayed.


14. Are the any couples you would like to recommend our Dapper & Bride services to?


15. Are you happy for me to share this review on on your behalf? I'll do all the leg work, and when you receive the email just press publish!

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