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1. Presentation Software
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In this section, I will ask you some questions relating to my Presentation Software and how it may or may not be of use to your organisation.

1. Does your organisation make use of any presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint? *


2. For what purpose does your organisation give presentations? *


3. Are you satisfied with your current presentation software or would you be interested in an alternative software product?
Perhaps there are additional features or functionality that you desire or perhaps some task are limited or difficult to perform? *


4. It takes a lot of work to develop software, this question will help me to better prioritise work that benefits you.

In your opinion, what is the most important feature of a presentation?

-- In the comments, please explain why these are important to you or if some of these features aren't available to you at the moment, then please explain why you would like to have them.

Note: An example presentation can be be seen here.
(Space bar and arrow keys to navigate the presentation) *

Very ImportantImportantNot Important
Narration (Voice over).
Foreign Languages (Non English).
Colours, Themes and logo.
Interactive content (dragging, popup boxes, quizzes, drawing canvas...).
Video (Inc YouTube & Vimeo).
Offline capability.

5. If you like interactivity in your presentations, what kind of features would you like?


6. How do you display your presentation? *


7. The example presentation that can be seen here has been written in a basic Notepad like editor using a special plain text format, this is very different to graphical editors like PowerPoint that use Drag & Drop.

Note: We do have plans to create a graphical editor, but we just want to find out how confident people are with writing plain text.
An early demo of the graphical editor can be seen here.

The text format that I use is called 'Markdown' but another format that is used a lot in academic circles is called 'LaTex'.
There are some companies like Overleaf who do utilise this format to create services for academic customers.

How confident would you be in writing a presentation in my 'Markdown' plain text format?
Here is an example:

# Slide 1

Contents of the slide 
Type here

1. List
2. **Bold**
3. List   8-)

::: notes
Here are some speaker notes.

# Slide 2

| T | A | B | L | E |
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
| 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | *


8. As well as my presentation software I have also created lessons, these lessons were originally aimed at GCSE Computer Science but I have since created many other lessons on a range of subjects.

You can read about my lessons here and sample 2 GCSE Computer Science lessons and 1 activity from the drop-down menu.

These lessons would be distributed on an online repository similar to Khan Academy.
Some of these lessons might be restricted to customers with a special education license and some maybe free.

Would this service be of interest to you? *


9. I am also very concerned about mental health problems amongst young people and I believe that I am uniquely place to help tackle some of these problems.

As a disabled person who has struggled much in life and has now achieved, I believe I could be an inspiration to students and young people.
You can read a little about me here and my education ideas here.

Do you feel I would be an inspiration to your students and would you be interested in me coming to visit? *

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