Exmouth Community College Website
1. Introduction
We would be most grateful if you could complete the following questionnaire to help us further develop our website: www.exmouthcollege.devon.sch.uk. BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Purpose of the Website is to : 1. Provide Information including that we are required to deliver online 2. Market the College and make its operation transparent to all 3. Develop school and community social cohesion 4. Provide appropriate links The Target Audience Unlike a commercial site our target audience crosses age and social boundaries and includes a range of potential desired outcomes from visiting the site. 1. Parents/ potential parents: community 2. Students and staff 3.Potential employees 4. Official bodies Design The design is deliberately NOT corporate: the aim is to make the site simple and welcoming to young people and adults so that it is easy to use by a wide range of ages. Images are used and news is updated daily so that anyone wishing to get a feel for the college can do so easily. The site is optimised for tablet and desktop use but can be used on a smartphone. There is a separate mobi site. NOTE: The site may provide links to, but does not include: subject support pages, online reports, homework logging, awards logging. These are provided by separate sites.

1. On what technology do you usually view the website?


2. How often do you look at the site?


3. For what purpose, do you use the site? You may choose more than one

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