Milborne Port Housing Need Survey 2018


1. Section one: You and Your Household
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Milborne Port Parish Council would like to conduct a housing need survey to identify the housing needs for local people, the village and what is important to you. Please only complete this survey if you are in need of alternative housing provision or affordable housing. Affordable housing is defined as 'Housing for local people who are unable to afford to rent or buy on the open market or who can no longer afford to live in their current home' You are not required to complete all sections but the more you are able to complete the more we can accurately record the need.

1. Which one of the following phrases best describes your current living situation?


2. How many bedrooms does your property have, or do you have if sharing the property (please tick only one box): (If lodging with another household or living with parents/relatives/friends please answer this question as how many bedrooms you have exclusive use of)


3. Including you, how many people live in the house?


4. Please complete the table below to tell us who is living in your household:

Male/FemaleAgeRelationship (ie. son/daughter/mother/father)Employment/Education Status (ie. at school/college, employed full or part time/unemployed or none)

5. Do you or anyone in your household require any specific adaptations at your accommodation, such as wheelchair access, to enable you to stay in your home?


6. Are you aware that there are means tested disabled facilities grants available to help people with disabilities remain in their own homes?

For more information call 01935 462462 or visit:


7. Would these adaptations enable you to stay in your own home?


8. Have any members of your family moved away as they were unable to afford to buy or rent a property in your village? If yes, please give details.


9. Would they move back to the village if they could afford to buy or rent a home there?


10. Do you know of, or own, any sites in the village that may be suitable for building affordable homes?


11. If need is proven in the village, would you be in favour of affordable housing being built?


12. Do you or anyone else in your home require affordable housing? If so, please complete section Two.

A separate form should be completed by anyone in your household who requires their own accommodation.

If No, please go to the end of the form, complete contact details (optional so we can come back to your if we have any questions)