International Year of the Periodic Table grant (individual)


1. Applicant details

This is a funding application for Royal Society of Chemistry members, Learn Chemistry Partnership schools and RSC registered ChemSocs to apply for a grant to run a project for the International Year of the Periodic Table in 2019.

Before completing your application we recommend you read our eligibilitycriteria and application guidelines provided below.  If you have any questions about your proposal or completing the form please get in touch with us at or by calling 01223 432200.

The application form may take 30-45 minutes to complete. You can save a partially completed application form and return to it later. Once you have submitted your application you will not have any further opportunities to amend it. 

Funding is open all year round and will considered at four checkpoints in the year with deadlines of Monday 14 January 2019, Monday 15 April 2019 Monday 15 July 2019 and Monday 14 October 2019. There are limited funds available and applications will be considered at each of these check points until all funds have been allocated. Please note: this may mean that this grant could close early.

The next deadline will be at noon on Monday 15 July 2019.
  • This grant scheme is only open to members of the Royal Society of Chemistry, registered ChemSocs and Learn Chemistry Partnership schools.‚Äč
  • Grants are restricted to one per individual/group . Those wishing to apply for additional or larger grants should submit an application to the Outreach Fund
  • Applicants should not resubmit an unsuccessful application unless invited to do so
  • Funding is available to the above groups within the UK and Republic of Ireland.
  • For international applicants please contact us directly via ahead of completing the application form
All applications will be judged on the following criteria and should clearly demonstrate:
  • that the project supports the International Year of the Periodic Table 
  • that the project has a significant aspect which is related to the chemical sciences
  • that the project has a clearly identified target audience
  • that the intended impact on the audience has been defined
  • that projects are planned to take place during 2019. the International Year of the Periodic Table
Application guidelines

The application consists of 5 sections, please complete all of them.
  1.  Applicant details
Please provide the main applicant's contact details. This is the person who will be responsible for receiving any grant money awarded and completing a grant evaluation. Please note that you do not have to be affiliated with an Royal Society of Chemistry Group in order to apply for an Outreach Fund grant but, where possible, the payments will be administered through your Institution/Organisation, Local Section or any other appropriate member-led group.
  1. Project details
Please provide a clear and concise description of your planned project including, overall aims, target audience, key dates and locations, a brief description of what you are planning to do and a brief description about how the proposed activity supports the International Year of the Periodic Table. This should include a link to chemistry. 
  1.  Finances
The panel needs to see what the grant will be covering and will look at whether the costs are good value for money with respect to the project. You are provided with a table to categorize costs in relation to your budget, for items that do not appear in the table please summarize the costs in Other and provide further details in the comment box provided. Our website provides a list of items that will not be funded by the Outreach Fund.
  1. Outreach Fund grants - data collection
The information collected in this section will not be used to assess your application but will be used in the overall evaluation our grant schemes. If anything appears in this section that you feel we should know and should inform the assessment panel please ensure that it is included in the main body of your application.

Contact details
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Are you applying as an individual RSC member, Learn Chemistry Partnership school or on behalf of an RSC supported Member Group (Interest Group, Local Section, ChemSoc)?
Please note that you do not have to be affiliated with an RSC Group in order to apply to for an IYPT grant but, where possible, the payments will be administered through your local section or any other appropriate member-led group. *