Venues and Destinations Survey


1. Venues and Destinations

We are now accepting submissions for the venues and destinations report 2018. Venues and Destinations should complete this survey to be considered. You may save and return to continue the survey at a later date. Please do not submit until you have checked your submission, as once submitted your details cannot be edited. VENUES Venue chains can submit as many applications as they choose, however a maximum of two per chain will be selected for the report, to ensure variety. Chains cannot submit multiple venues under one application - each venue needs a separate individual application to be considered. DESTINATIONS Only official CVBs should respond, not DMCs. The top venues/destinations will be selected on a points based criteria. By submitting your information, you give your consent to use that information for use in EventMB digital content, as set out in this Privacy Policy (

1. Person completing the survey - name, job title, organization.
This should be the main contact in case of any queries and someone who is able to respond promptly. These details will not be published. *


2. Email address of the person listed above. This is the person we will contact in case of any queries. *


3. Skype ID (preferred) or phone number of the contact above. *


4. Website address.
This must be to a specific website or page where we can view pictures and see further information specifically for the venue or destination you are submitting and NOT a general website for the chain/parent company. *


5. RFP link


6. Location


7. Are you responding as a venue/hotel or a destination?