Fulmar MCZ Conservation Advice


1. Introduction

Welcome to this short survey on the draft updated conservation advice package for Fulmar MCZ.

JNCC have been working on improving the conservation advice we provide for offshore Marine Protected Areas. The new approach is based on recommended best practice and feedback from current users. Background information to the new approach is available on the JNCC conservation advice webpage. The draft updated conservation advice packages are available via the conservation advice tab on the Fulmar MCZ Site Information Centre.

This survey has been designed to enable stakeholders or interested parties to comment on the draft conservation advice.


How we will use your information:
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• We will not share any details beyond your response and yours and your organisation's name.
• Your response will be made available to the public. We may also share any responses that we receive with other statutory nature conservation bodies, UK and devolved Governments in order to help ensure a coordinated approach to conservation advice.
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Please ensure you do not mention other individuals by name, or include any personal information within the body of your response.

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