Business compensation claims

Compensation can be claimed for loss of gross profit, subject to your claim meeting the criteria in the Gas (Street Works) (Compensation of Small Business) Regulations 1996*. We cannot compensate for loss of takings and businesses cannot recover any indirect costs of any claim, such as legal or professional fees in addition to the loss of profits.

Under these regulations, businesses must meet all the criteria below to apply for compensation.

You must submit your intention to claim within three months of completion of work

Supporting evidence must be submitted within six months of completion of work.

* The Gas (Street Works) (Compensation of Small Business) Regulations 1996 exist to allow qualifying small business owners to apply for certain categories of compensation from their local gas transporter when street works continue for a period of 28 days or more. If your business is deemed eligible, the amount of the compensation is the difference between the profit (or loss) which would have accrued to the business but for the works and the reduced profit (or increased loss) which is a consequence of the works.


Before you begin, to save you time and ensure you are eligible to apply, please confirm: