We would like to find out more about your experience of the support that is offered by Footsteps to people in Warrington who are affected by the drug or alcohol use of a family member or close friend.  This questionnaire has been produced by Warrington Public Health who commission drug and alcohol services in Warrington.  What you tell us will help us to understand more about the support people receive and help us in making decisions about how we should ask for services to be delivered. Even better, you could win a £30 Golden Square voucher!

We want you to feel comfortable sharing your views and can assure you that your answers will be kept anonymous and will not be shared with anyone from Footsteps or the CGL Pathways to Recovery service who provide drug and alcohol support services. 

If you are completing a paper copy of this questionnaire please post it in the 'survey' box in reception and if you would like to be entered in the prize draw please complete the attached prize draw details slip and post it in the 'prize draw' box in the main reception.

Many thanks.
To ask for a paper copy of the survey or if you have any concerns or questions about the survey, require the questionnaire in another language or format including large print, Braille, audio or British Sign Language please contact 01925 443067 or email fmann@warrington.gov.uk 

Data Protection and Confidentiality
The information that you supply on this survey is subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. The information you provide will only be processed for the purpose for which it has been given and will not be used for any additional purposes without your consent.


1. Please would you tell us what you are receiving support for (please tick all that apply) *

Please read the statements below and tick the answer that best matches your view.

2. I have been able to access support, advice or treatment when needed.


3. Staff listen to me and treat me with respect.


4. I am given enough time to fully discuss my needs.


5. Staff have the knowledge and skills necessary to meet my needs.


6. Staff respect my privacy and keep the informtion I share confidential.


7. I feel my wellbeing has improved as a result of the help/support I have received.


8. My skills and confidence to support my family member/friend have improved as a result of the information I have received.


9. My knowledge and understanding of alcohol/drug misuse has improved as a result of the information I have received.


10. Has your family member/friend accessed support through the Pathways to Recovery drug and alcohol service?


11. Has your family member/friend benefitted from the support they accessed through the Pathways to Recovery drug and alcohol service?


12. If you have answered 'strongly disagree' or 'disagree' to any of the above questions, would you please use this section to give us a bit more information on why this is.


13. If you have any further comments or suggestions about your experience as a Footsteps client please share them with us.


14. How often (approximately) do you use/did you use this service?


15. What have you accessed through the service? (please tick all that apply)


16. Would you please tell us the following about you: