Diversity monitoring survey

1. Diversity monitoring questions

The Ogden Trust is committed to equality and diversity in our programmes and funding, and aims to have an inclusive environment for all beneficiaries, by identifying and removing barriers in our practices. Completing this monitoring form will help us achieve this. While it is voluntary to disclose this information, doing so will enable us to better understand the diversity of our beneficiaries and examine our practices fully. This data is collected and stored anonymously and will not be linked with any other form you have filled in. If you have any questions about your data and our policies on data protection, please contact clare.harvey@ogdentrust.com

1. Which Ogden Trust programme have you participated in or applied for?


2. What is your year of birth?


3. What is your gender?


4. What ethnic group do you perceive you belong to?


5. Do you have an impairment, health condition or learning difference that has a substantial or long term impact on your ability to carry out day to day activities? (tick all that apply)