The Macmillan Recovery Package (health and wellbeing events)

The Macmillan Recovery Package has four main interventions

1.    Holistic Needs Assessment and care planning 
2.    Treatment summary 
3.    Cancer care review
4.    Health and wellbeing events. 

These elements form part of an overall support and self-management package for people affected by cancer – physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, managing consequences of treatment, and information, financial and work support.

Health and wellbeing events may take place at diagnosis and after treatment. They are usually organised by the hospital providing your care. They may be called something else such as a patient course or workshop.

This questionnaire is for you to give your viewpoint on health and wellbeing events. There are many factors in providing these events so although we may not be able to accommodate all your feedback it will help us to prioritise.

1. Please let us know the nearest town to your GP surgery *