The most powerful and intuitive survey creator on the web

SmartSurvey is one of the most advanced online survey builders on the web and the only one of its kind in the UK.

  • Well-designed, responsive templates or create your own
  • Flexible formatting, branching and skip logic
  • Embed or attach rich media content
  • Create your survey in any language
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Flexible formatting - Present your surveys exactly as you want by setting specific formats. You can add progress bars, make questions mandatory, show or hide question numbers, among many other options.
Pre-built survey templates - Be inspired and save time with our pre-built survey templates. All our survey templates can be customised and will make building your survey so much easier.
Multilingual surveys - SmartSurvey supports survey creation in any language, including those with right-to-left formatting, which makes SmartSurvey the most versatile survey creator on the web.
Validation - Set character limits, set custom validation messages, validate different number ranges, email address validation, restrict number of options selected, and randomise answer options.
Wide range of question types - With over 20 question types including, single and multiple choices, rating and Likert scales, ranking, matrix tables, open ended, it's easy to create a survey from scratch on SmartSurvey.
Branching and skip logic - Use Branching and Skip Logic rules to take your respondents through a designated path depending on their answers to previous questions.
Scoring - Qualify and assess respondents by assigning values (or scores) to question options. Scores are automatically calculated and displayed within the results and can be exported to CSV (Excel).
Question library - Save commonly used or most popular questions into a library archive. Questions stored in the library can then be easily inserted into your questionnaires without having to retype each time.
Images and video - Upload images directly from your computer into your File Cabinet or embed videos straight from YouTube and invite your respondents to leave feedback based on your rich media content.
Save and continue - Respondents can save their answers and continue at a later time. An email will be sent to the user with a unique link which will allow them to pick up where they left off.
Piping - This tool allows you to use data collected earlier in the survey, including information inputted into single text boxes or single / multiple choice options.
Attach files - Survey administrators and respondents can attach files to surveys, which can then be downloaded from the Results page, including documents, essays, CVs, photos, spreadsheets, or contracts.

Advanced branding capabilities and powerful design features

Maintain full control of your brand’s look and feel with our custom editing tools. No programming or design skills required.

  • Create dynamic branded surveys in minutes
  • Easily customisable using HTML and CSS
  • Full gallery of responsive, well-designed themes
  • Our team of in-house designers are ready to help
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Branding your survey - Upload your own logo and background images, customise your theme colours, and integrate with your social media pages so that your survey fully complements your brand.
Pre-designed themes templates - Browse our library of dynamic, well-designed and responsive themes. Make adjustments to the themes using our easy theme editor and match it to your look and feel.
Custom design - If you’d prefer not to use a pre-built theme, why not design your own using our advanced theme wizard. With basic HTML / CSS knowledge, you can add your own background, fonts, colours and logos.
Mobile friendly surveys - Pre-designed themes are fully compatible with smartphone devices (Android, iPhone and iPad) but you can also create your own using our simple theme editor.
Messaging control - Maintain full control over the messages, calls to action and thank you page and URL redirects within your survey; easy to customise from the survey settings page.
Custom domain - This is one of our most popular features for businesses using a SmartSurvey Corporate Account; it allows you to brand the survey URL under your own sub-domain.

We make it easy to collect
the data you need

SmartSurvey makes it easy to reach your respondents at every touchpoint and maximise your response rates.

  • Email links to your survey
  • Share your survey via your social media channels
  • Embed your survey onto your website
  • Track email invitations and send reminders
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Email invitations - Send links using our integrated Email Tool. Schedule email deliveries, track open, bounce and opt-out rates, automate reminders and manage contacts.
Send survey links - Share your survey by emailing it to individual respondents, adding it as a hyperlink to newsletters, blogs or websites, with option to customise part of your survey link.
Social media sharing - Tweet or post your survey to your followers, friends and fans on your social media pages to maximise respondent reach and engagement. Let your survey go viral!
Embed your survey - Collect more responses by embedding your survey onto your website or blog using our simple code generator, or set pop-up parameters and trigger options while controlling look and feel.
Print your surveys - Print your surveys, have your respondents complete them by hand and then manually input your results into SmartSurvey. This is a popular feature among public service sector customers.
Consumer Panel services - Microtarget your audience and access the opinions and insights of millions of qualified respondents in over 50 countries through our partnership with Cint.
Touchscreen kiosks - Use SmartSurvey to generate new leads, capture valuable visitor data and feedback at exhibitions, events, festivals, conferences and more.
QR codes - Easily create a QR code using your SmartSurvey custom link for inclusion on your website, blogs and printed marketing collateral.
Respondent ID tracking - Create unique survey links with custom IDs to track the responses of specific individuals and distinguish sources of your data collection.

Make sense of your data using our powerful reporting tools

State-of-the-art reporting and measuring tools as standard. We’ve made it easy to analyse and export your most valuable data.

  • Gain unique insights and clarity from your collected data
  • Summarise your results with charts, graphs and spreadsheets
  • Drill down to view and analyse individual results
  • Export with ease to Word, CSV (Excel) and SPSS
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Results in real time - SmartSurvey can capture valuable respondent insights, testimonials, market data and satisfaction feedback to help you manage, analyse and action your results with ease.
Create meaningful reports - View your reports in a number of different formats with just one click using SmartSurvey's advanced reporting tools. View your results in pie charts, bar graphs, matrix tables and more.
Open ended feedback - Analyse actionable open-ended feedback and gain valuable testimonials that you can use on your website and in your upcoming PR and marketing campaigns.
Advanced filtering - Break your results down into specific categories using the filtering tool, segmenting by gender, age, date range or unique respondent ID.
Cross tabulation - View and compare relationships between certain questions by using the cross tabulation tool in SmartSurvey.
View individual responses - Drill down to read the results of specific individuals for more in-depth analysis or to create case studies based on customer experiences.
Print your reports - It couldn’t be easier to download and print your reports, giving others access to your results without giving them sensitive account login data.
Share your results - Rather than giving others access to your account to view your results, you can send a personal, password-protected link so that they can view the results of your survey.
Export your results - Extract and download your results to Word, CSV (Excel) and SPSS quickly and easily.

Professional services and bespoke corporate client support

SmartSurvey offers a wide range of additional services to assist our corporate and academic clients with their research needs.

  • Consumer panel services with access to 7 million qualified respondents
  • Fully managed surveys starting from just £10 per question
  • Multi-user corporate accounts with unlimited responses
  • Dedicated account manager and stellar support
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Consumer Panel - Thanks to our partnership with Cint, which brings together researchers and respondents to form a unique insight exchange, SmartSurvey customers can now get answers to their questions quickly. Reach over 7 million qualified respondents in over 50 countries at an affordable price.
Managed Service - Need expert help designing and bulding your survey? SmartSurvey’s Managed Service is for you. For as little as £10 per question, SmartSurvey can build, brand and distribute your survey for you. All you have to do is supply your survey questions and then view the results as they come in.
Corporate Account - By far our most popular service, SmartSurvey Corporate Accounts offer comprehensive features, which include multi-user management, white label branding, unlimited responses, your own URL, and a dedicated Account Manager. Find out which brands are already using SmartSurvey for their customer research.

Your data stored securely and backed up daily on UK servers

SmartSurvey is trusted by many public sector organisations for its secure, stable platform and advanced security features.

  • Fully compliant with the UK Data Protection Act
  • Backed up daily on UK servers
  • Daily penetration tests carried out
  • Trusted by government, military, police and other data-sensitive organisations
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Data protection - SmartSurvey takes data protection very seriously and will never use, share or sell the data stored in your account. You can export and permanently delete data whenever you wish for added peace of mind.
Stored and backed up daily - SmartSurvey data is stored on UK servers which are backed up daily with security measures in place to protect your sensitive information. Your data is 100% safe and secure.
SSL data encryption - You can choose to use SSL encryption to collect your survey responses and safeguard its security and confidentiality, making it accessible only to those who need to see it.
Password protection - Password protection is appropriate for surveys which only apply to selected amount of respondents. By enabling survey password protection, respondents will not be able to forward the survey onto other people.
Daily penetration tests - SmartSurvey is tested and certified daily to pass the McAfee Secure Security Scan. Research indicates sites remotely scanned for known vulnerabilities on a daily basis can prevent over 99% of hacker crime.
Respondent authentication - Generate a unique username and password for your respondents so that they can access your survey only by invitation and prevent unauthorised sharing of any sensitive data collection.

Our very best feature? Our dedicated customer support.

Flexible, friendly and knowledgeable customer support comes as standard with SmartSurvey.

  • Close-knit team of developers, designers, support and sales staff
  • Get in touch via email, phone, support ticket or Live Chat
  • Extensive online guides, tips, articles and tutorials
  • We are 100% focused on delivering the best possible user experience
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A stellar team of support staff - Our close-knit team of developers, designers, support and sales staff share a passion for providing an outstanding data collection solution in SmartSurvey.
Feature flexibility - When we receive feature requests that will improve the overall usability and SmartSurvey experience for our users, we will do our best to quickly roll out the changes to the platform.
Expert help when you need it - SmartSurvey offers the best support available in the market, with a free phone number, Live Chat and an average wait time for support requests of just 45 minutes.