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More than survey software

We’re more than just a survey platform. We empower you to analyse, understand and action change.

400,000+ customers use SmartSurvey to swiftly collect and analyse data. Our software enables large enterprise businesses to connect with internal and external stakeholders, and gather key insights that help them to answer questions, solve problems and make the right decisions.

From full GDPR compliance, UK data storage, industry security accreditations, password policies, account IP address restrictions and SSO (Single Sign On), to white labelling, custom domain branding, professionally designed themes, business grade SLAs and more.

We understand the wide mix of priorities and concerns that large organisations have, and the key competencies and features needed to meet these. So, whether it’s enterprise grade security and access controls you’re most concerned about, or maintaining a strong brand identity, along with access to robust yet highly flexible SLAs – we’ve got you covered.

The complete data collection solution

Whether you’re looking to drive a step change in culture, segment a new target market, validate a new brand, or uplift customer loyalty and retention, our software has advanced features to suit every need. Let’s explore the key functionality that makes SmartSurvey the UK’s leading data collection software…

Ask questions your way

Question types

SmartSurvey gives you access to a wide variety of question types, making all kinds of data collection possible. Whether free-text, multiple-choice, matrices, ranking, date and time, SmartSurvey includes all the tools you need to make any type of survey.

Advanced question types

Advanced question types help to boost the effectiveness of your surveys. Make life easier for respondents with slider scale questions and include questions with a continuously-calculated total. Collect quantitative data such as Net Promoter® Scores without the need to take time calculating the result for an extra boost to your productivity.

Question customisation

Style the look and feel of your questions via fonts, text size, and colours. Customise how multiple-choice options are displayed to ensure your questions are clear and easy to understand to improve survey response rates.

One survey, multiple languages

Global customer base? No problem. You can create custom surveys in multiple languages and receive responses in the respondent’s language of choice, then easily access and analyse the data within one set of results.

Create smart, engaging and effective surveys

Logic & actions

Online surveys don’t have to be purely linear forms. You can streamline the experience and improve engagement by using our powerful logic functions to create dynamic surveys that change based on the data entered. By incorporating data into questions, or branching the respondent’s routes through the survey, you can show more relevant content to deliver a tailored survey experience.

Alerts and triggers

Advanced logic enables you to deliver highly customised survey journeys and trigger different actions based on multiple conditions; skip questions and pages, show different answers, set multiple end points, use piping to insert data into responses without requiring a question, trigger emails to send customised alerts sent whenever a survey response is received and much more!


Randomising elements of survey content is an important tool in reducing bias, with reduced bias you get higher quality, more trustworthy data. In just a few clicks you can randomise the order of answer options for a question, the order questions appear on a page, or the order pages appear in a survey. By incorporating randomisation you can have added confidence in the accuracy of your survey results.

File upload

By incorporating file upload questions, your respondents can submit files as part of their responses. If you’re collecting CVs from job applicants, receiving written submissions, tendering documents, image, or video files, your respondents can submit these without needing to find their own hosting, delivering a better experience and centralising the data collection process.

Brand surveys to completely match your look and feel

Survey branding

Our branding and theming tools allow you to match your survey with your brand by customising colours, fonts, and logos. For ultimate control, custom CSS can be added to allow surveys to seamlessly match with any design.

Survey design

SmartSurvey offers a huge degree of customisation to enable you deliver a best-in-class survey experience to your respondents. You can edit all messages shown to respondents. On finishing a survey, respondents can be sent to several possible destinations defined by you. Optional features allow you to let respondents save their progress through a survey and return later or print their response on completion. Progress bars, survey titles and introductions, button text and more are all under your control, and a full-featured dynamic preview mode allows you to test and check your surveys to ensure they look great across all devices.

Custom domains

Customise the link used to access your surveys via the web. For the ultimate in branding, we offer the ability to host your survey on a custom web domain, such as surveys.yourdomain.com. Custom domains are particularly popular when conducting customer surveys as the domain is familiar and maintains trust between the brand and the respondent.

Rich media questions

With rich media questions you don’t need to worry about respondents leaving your survey to view external links to view images or video, simply embed media directly into your questions. Getting feedback on visual content is easy and instantaneous – ideal for market and branding research, local planning and development consultations, and a wide range of other applications where a picture or video can do the work of many words.

Reach audiences anywhere on their preferred channels

Survey distribution

SmartSurvey includes a comprehensive set of survey distribution tools, allowing you to reach your respondents across a range of channels to maximise engagement. Web, Email, QR Code, SMS, Social Media, Pop-ups and Exit Surveys are all available. You can also collect data offline by entering responses collected on paper or by using our offline surveys feature that allows you to collect responses on smart devices that are not connected to the internet – ideal for fieldwork, events or rural areas.

Email & SMS invitation management

SmartSurvey’s distribution tool contains everything you need to manage your email and SMS invitations. Schedule your invitations and create automated reminders to follow-up with respondents who haven’t completed your survey. Track opens and completions for email and the status of SMS messages and response rates for all invitations.

Contact management

SmartSurvey makes management of your contacts for survey distribution simple. Manage your respondents’ Email or SMS details via our address book feature. Create contact lists for your invitations by uploading data in bulk or individually. Add custom data columns for reference or survey personalisation.

Better understand your data and take the right actions


View your survey results in real-time via our built-in reporting and visualisation page for every survey. Individual responses can be viewed, deleted and edited. All results and responses can be shared via a password-protected web link or printed out. Cross-tab tools enable you to investigate and drill down into data and correlated information. Built-in text analysis makes interpreting and categorising free-text responses quick and easy.

Response management

We’ve made it simple to manage and monitor the responses you get to your surveys with our response tools. Set quotas for the maximum amount of responses or set end dates so surveys will automatically close at the time and date you specify. Prevent multiple responses from the same device and set the survey to open or close manually.


Get to right data faster with custom filters to include or exclude responses from your reports and exports. You can base filters on the answers given to specific questions, or on other respondent data such as the date and time of responses, custom variables or contact data.


All reports and responses are exportable to industry-standard formats such as Word, CSV, and Excel. You can schedule recurring exports for automatic report creation, and have the exports emailed automatically to your chosen recipients. All the above reporting and exporting functions work in conjunction with our filtering tools.

Transform how you manage and collaborate with teams

Survey management

Managing a comprehensive survey programme is easy with our survey management tools. Stay organised with surveys sorted into folders based on your needs. Create new surveys by copying existing ones. Tag surveys or folders as favourites for quick access. Access your survey library via a customisable interface to quickly find what you need. Save frequently-used questions to the question library, and use the file cabinet to manage your uploaded files such as images or logos.

Multiple user management

SmartSurvey lets teams work together safely and securely. You can bring multiple users together under a single master account to administer the work that they do. If you’re the master user on your account, you’ll be able to add and assign accounts to other team members and manage the sharing of surveys ensuring the right people have access to relevant surveys and results.


Share surveys between multiple users for seamless collaboration. Different users can be given different permissions, enabling them to access what they need to, without access to elements or functions they don’t need, including access to personal data. Your users can share themes and questions via a common library for easy and efficient co-working.


Surveys created with SmartSurvey’s editing tools are responsive and ready for display on any internet-ready device, from PCs and tablets to smartphones. We support a high level of accessibility and all surveys can be created in multiple languages with full UTF-8 character support.

Work smarter and save time through automated workflows

Move quicker on critical feedback by automating and streamlining your data flows, transforming how well you respond and deliver what your stakeholders need.


Set up notifications to alert yourself and other people, via email whenever significant stakeholder events happen.

Whether it’s alerting your customer care teams or senior managers to a respectively poor CSAT, or eNPS score, informing your sales team about a new lead, or simply getting updated about each response that comes in.

With alerts in place, you’re able to take the appropriate steps in real time to achieve the best possible outcomes for stakeholders inside and outside your organisation.


Build fully customised workflows with access to your SmartSurvey data via a REST API.

Obtain immediate updates to every response via webhooks. Automate your processes. Collect consistent and up-to-date feedback at key touchpoints, to enhance the quality of insight you can gather.

With our powerful API, it’s simple to construct bespoke integrations and exchange data with key systems and workflows.


Transfer essential survey data from SmartSurvey into your key business systems, to help drive improved co-ordination and informed action across your organisation.

We make it simple to create integrations to and from popular applications including Office 365, Google, HubSpot and much more, thanks to our work with the powerful automation tool, Zapier.

Through Google Tag Manager you can also integrate your surveys into your website analytics.


Seamlessly integrate your surveys with one of the world’s most widely-used CRM systems. Construct integrations that push survey response data directly into Salesforce objects, in real-time and with no coding requirements. Activate Salesforce automations based on your survey responses and utilise Salesforce’s powerful dashboard tools to build cross-survey reports and dashboards.

One solution for your entire organisation

From your sales, service and support teams, to HR, marketing and product development, our powerful enterprise survey software has everything you need to capture feedback, understand and then drive improvements and action. Here are examples of the types of programs and activities you can carry out across key business functions within your organisation.

Customer service & support

  • Collect Net Promoter Score
  • Gain feedback throughout the customer journey
  • Run Voice of the customer programs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer loyalty


  • Digitise annual reviews
  • Understand department performance
  • Run 360 feedback programs
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Drive culture change
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Lower employee turnover


  • Measure brand awareness
  • Create winning marketing campaigns
  • Access global panels for fast market research
  • Analyse target markets
  • Test branding and messaging

Product development

  • Develop better products faster
  • Test new concepts
  • Understand brand performance
  • Find the right audience for new products
  • Test pricing

Sales & business development

  • Run pre-sales surveys to improve lead quality and conversion
  • Gather sales team feedback
  • Identify areas to improve process
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Run sales follow up surveys to understand why leads didn’t convert

Learning and development

  • Evaluate corporate learning
  • Understand development aspirations
  • Get E-learning course feedback
  • Gather training feedback
  • Identify preferred types of learning
  • Uncover department training requirements
  • Identify individual training requirements

Find out how we can help transform your business

From simple evaluation surveys to global market research, or high-volume customer satisfaction projects, our team are on hand to ensure your success. With a combined knowledge of over 50 years of solving data collection challenges, there’s not much we haven’t seen! We take the time to listen to your challenges, and requirements, to recommend the best approach to achieve your objectives using SmartSurvey.

To fully understand the capability of our enterprise survey solutions, and explain how we can deliver software that meets your unique needs, we always recommend a demonstration. Every demo is customised to your requirements and we’ll personally walk you through how we can help you to achieve your goals.

Your demo can be as short or as long a you like and we’re happy to run as many as you need.

Our experts are ready and waiting to discuss your requirements.

Why customers love our software

Powerful, intuitive & fast

We consistently receive feedback on how user-friendly our software is. SmartSurvey has been designed to be intuitive, subsequently users require minimal training and can get up and running in no time – our goal is to make it easy for you to capture the data you need quickly. This ease of use combined with powerful functionality and multi-channel distribution gives you access to a survey solution that delivers results, fast.

Here to ensure your success

SmartSurvey isn’t just about providing great tech, we have an exceptional team working behind the scenes. Our on-boarding process ensures you’ll be seamlessly setup and getting value from our software quickly and our Customer Success team are on hand to provide personalised support when you need it.

Security and GDPR Compliance

We take security and data compliance extremely seriously. It’s one of the major factors why we’re a trusted partner for leading brands, public sector, central and local government. All your data, including backups, and all development and support functions are in the UK, you and your respondents can have complete confidence your data will not be transferred outside of the country unlike many competitor solutions.

SmartSurvey is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. These independent assessments ensure we not only have robust security processes in place, but our people have the correct behaviours embedded to ensure consistently high data security standards.

SmartSurvey is Data & Security protection tool-kit approved, a pre-requisite for handling highly sensitive information for the NHS. We are also an approved vendor for Crown Commercial Services to be able to supply our software to the government and public sectors.

We’re trusted partners, powering data collection and insight for leading global brands

Success stories

Trusted by leading companies and brands worldwide. More than 400,000 people rely on SmartSurvey to collect data online.

Birmingham City Council

Thanks to SmartSurvey, our communication strategy is making us stand out from the crowd. By using SMS, asking the right questions and acting on results, IKEA is one step ahead of the competition.

Alastair, IKEA

We couldn’t be happier with Smartsurvey, we love its functionality and flexibility. This means we have been able to use one survey tool across many parts of the business.

Martin, uSwitch

Safe & Secure

Security is our most important feature
and we take it seriously

Security Features

Enable SSL encryption on any survey. Apply password protection and IP restriction on user accounts and survey responses.

ISO 27001 Certified

The highest possible standard for data security. An internationally recognised system for keeping information assets secure.

UK/EU Based Servers

All data is stored and backed up on UK/EU-based servers.

Data Protection Act

Fully compliant with EU Privacy Laws and registered under the Data Protection Act.

You’re in safe hands

EU & UK GDPR Compliant logo.
ISO 27001 Information Security Management logo
HM Government G-Cloud Supplier logo
Cyber Essentials Plus logo
ICO logo
PCI DSS Compliant logo
FSQS Registered logo.


Help and guidance for you and your team when you when you need it

We love our team and you will too. Whatever your question – big or small – always feel free to ask. Our Support Team operate during UK trading hours, so we’re working when you are. We’ll often surprise you with out-of-hours replies too.




What makes SmartSurvey right for you?

We will help you collect the information you need quickly and easily.
Trust us to safeguard your data and provide the support you need, when you need it.

UK-based and secure

We are ISO27001 certified, registered under the Data Protection Act and fully compliant with EU Privacy Laws.

Dedicated support

Access to a knowledgeable account manager for personal assistance for when you most need it.

Flexible to suit your needs

Our friendly design team is on hand to assist with any bespoke design and custom development requests.

We’ll go that extra step

We succeed if you succeed. Our goal is to help you carry out effective research and we’re here to help you achieve that.

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