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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Improve your product and service with smart online customer surveys

Why use customer satisfaction and consumer surveys?

Customer satisfaction surveys are an invaluable tool in helping businesses retain customers, build on existing relationships and start new ones. Ask your customers what they'd love more of, what products they like, and which services they dislike. Get the insights you need to keep them happy with our user-friendly online survey software. SmartSurvey will help you reach your customers easily, analyse their responses and produce professional reports to share with your company.

Improve your business with online surveys

In today's online world, customer satisfaction and experience is more important that ever before. We trade in a market that allows consumers to easily shop around, plus, social media and online forums enable opinions to be shared and heard instantly. Our challenge is to ensure these are the opinions of satisfied and loyal customers. What are customers saying about you and what do they think? Are prices too high? Service too slow? Online surveys are the quickest way to find out and get the feedback you need to keep them happy.

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys demonstrates that you care about your customers. Strengthen your relationship and build loyalty with them by asking what they like, dislike, and where there is room for improvement. Even involve customers when developing new products so issues can be identified before they even occur. When you act on their suggestions be sure to share the credit!

Internal company strategies and employee development can also be shaped by customer surveys. Use feedback gathered from customers to define short term and long term goals for your company or brand. Gauge what your clients' need with customer service surveys so you can empower your employees to meet customer-focused goals. For example, if clients need quicker email responses, assess the resources in your customer service department, train weaker team members and set response rate targets.

Examples of customer satisfaction and consumer surveys

Here are a few types of customer satisfaction and consumer surveys and how businesses can use them:

Customer experience and service

Was there anything about your customer's recent experience that disappointed them? Or was the service they received exceptional? Find out by conducting short online customer service feedback and customer service satisfaction surveys.

Employee engagement

Measuring customer satisfaction will also increase your levels of employee engagement. It will give your staff members ownership of their roles and demonstrate the impact of their work. Help employees understand customers, give them the insights to help them find and retain customers, and demonstrate how amazing customer service leads to high customer retention.

Customer retention and loyalty

Customers love to know they are not just being heard, but listened to! Asking for and then acting on customer suggestions is one of the best brand stories you can tell. Look after your valuable customers so they become invaluable brand advocates.

Product satisfaction and feedback

Send online product use satisfaction and feedback surveys to customers who have recently purchased from your company. Did the product met expectations? Did they find the colour they wanted? Were the instructions clear?

Product development

Use customer satisfaction surveys to analyse how existing options aren’t up to scratch, or identify what your customers want but can't find. Use this as an opportunity to develop new products or build on existing ones.

Communicating with customers

Online surveys are a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and letting them know you're still there. Ask them if they have any suggestions, discover loyal customers so you can reward them, and even find out why quiet customers haven't done business with you in a while.

Market research

Markets evolve and customers change, so it's vital to investigate whether your product and service offer the right solutions. Send online surveys to your potential target market and find out more about them.

Customer satisfaction survey templates

Feel free to use or customise one of our ready-made online survey templates:

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