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Make your surveys smarter using our logic and piping functions to create surveys that respond and react to your respondents, giving them a personalised, streamlined, experience.
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Create branched surveys with Skip Logic

Skip Logic allows you to create rules on your survey questions that can direct respondents to, or take them past, defined pages in your survey. You can use this to ask targeted follow-up questions, have a single survey handle multiple topics, or to disqualify respondents from completing the survey.

Make your surveys more personal with Piping

Piping allows you to insert customised content into your surveys, making the experience more relevant and personal for your respondents. Use their name when asking questions, refer to the answers to previous questions when following up on them, or use it to drive advanced logic functions.

Use email triggers for custom follow-ups

Send email alerts to any email address, triggered when any response is completed. Combined with skip logic, you can create conditional triggers, which send based on the answers your respondents give. Created targeted alerts for important responses, such as those with poor NPS scores or high-rated interactions and send those alerts to whoever is most appropriate. or follow up with the respondent.

Let respondents pause with Save and Continue

Let your respondents take a break while completing a long survey with Save and Continue. Your respondents can pause completing a survey at any point, enter their email address securely (even for anonymous surveys) and get emailed a link where they can pick their response up later.

Insert data with Custom Variables and Contact Columns

Custom variables and Columns give you two ways of getting information into your surveys without having to ask a question. Custom Columns work as part of the email/SMS system and allow you to add extra data about every contact, which you can then look at in your results. Custom variables allow you to pass data in about the response via the URL used to access the survey. Insert demographic, traffic source, purchase information and more.

Speed up responses with default answers

Default Answers is a function where you can have your survey apply a pre-selected answers to a question when the page loads, without the respondent needing to select it. This can be a great benefit for long surveys to save respondents' time by having the most popular response pre-selected.

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