Feature highlights

Survey Safety and Security

SmartSurvey is a GDPR-compliant solution for data collection and comes with a wide array of security features to keep the data you collect secure, giving peace of mind to you and your respondents.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to integrate SmartSurvey with your identity provider and use that to directly control which people in your organisation can use SmartSurvey. Once set up, adding a new user is as easy as giving them permission in your system and we handle the rest – and it’s just as easy to remove access when a colleague moves on or no longer needs the software.

Password policies

Good password habits are a huge part of good online security, and SmartSurvey makes it easy for users who aren’t using an SSO solution to enforce polices to ensure secure passwords, by setting content requirements (including the ability to define them via regex) and expiry windows.

Data encryption at all stages

All the data you collect via SmartSurvey is encrypted at all times. It’s transmitted to our database via an encrypted collection, and then it’s stored in an encrypted format in a secure server in the UK. We use the best of industry standards for encryption and make sure we stay secure with regular testing.

Password protect reports

When you share a survey report link, that link isn’t indexed, so only someone who knows the address of the link will be able to access it. For an extra layer of security, you can set a password on the report, to make absolutely sure that only the people you want to see it, can see it.

Two-factor authentication

SmartSurvey allows you to get the benefits of two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account. You can use an authenticator app such as google authenticator, or be sent SMS messages to an authorised number. Two-factor authentication is considered vital for the highest levels of data security.

Certified for peace of mind

Our commitment to security isn’t just something you can take on trust, we’ve made sure that we’ve achieved the key certifications for data security, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. We get regularly re-certified to ensure that we’re continuing to meet the requirements of those rigorous standards.

Discover what our survey software can do

Our survey software is user friendly yet packed full of advanced features. Speak to one of our team and find out how our platform can deliver the results you need.

What makes SmartSurvey right for you?

We will help you collect the information you need quickly and easily.
Trust us to safeguard your data and provide the support you need, when you need it.

UK-based and secure

We are ISO27001 certified, registered under the Data Protection Act and fully compliant with EU Privacy Laws.

Dedicated support

Access to a knowledgeable account manager for personal assistance for when you most need it.

Flexible to suit your needs

Our friendly design team is on hand to assist with any bespoke design and custom development requests.

We’ll go that extra step

We succeed if you succeed. Our goal is to help you carry out effective research and we’re here to help you achieve that.

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