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Effortlessly create your survey questions, distribute your survey, and view real-time results with ease. It's that easy!

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Effortlessly craft professional and attractive surveys, forms, and questionnaires to meet any requirement.


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Efficiently gather feedback via web links, embedded forms, emails, social media, and other channels.


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Instantly access critical data insights with our powerful and comprehensive analysis tools.


Our basic survey tool offers many of the features of our paid plans, but is pared back to make it simple and free to use forever.

Our basic plan is a no-fuss and completely free option for students, personal use and even for basic small business surveys.

The free survey maker allows up to 15 questions per survey, and up to 100 responses per month.

Need unlimited questions and more responses? Choose our Professional plan or higher.

If you outgrow your basic plan you can simply upgrade to a monthly or annual paid subscription, and access advanced survey tools without losing your survey history.

The free tool is designed for one user to make, distribute and review their surveys.

Need multiple people to collaborate on surveys? Check out our Business Team plan.

Get started immediately with online help guides available to support your survey creation every step of the way.

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Free and innovative tools to create online surveys with ease.

From multiple choice and free text, to ranking and Likert questions and much more, our free survey maker offers over a dozen question types for you to choose from.

Need to include question scoring and weighting? Choose our Professional plan or higher.

Our free survey tool lets you change fonts and text size with our rich text question editor. Add comment boxes, randomise answer choices and even hide questions. Cap the word count for responses and apply text and answer validation limits too.

Need question routing using page logic? Choose our Professional plan or higher.

Boost engagement by embedding images, audio files and even YouTube videos into your questions.

Fast and convenient web survey software with a wide range of ready-made survey templates to suit multiple use cases.

Choose from 40+ professionally made survey themes, including an accessibility-ready option.

Mobile-responsive survey themes provide the same quality experience for all users across all devices.

Add an introduction or progress bar to your survey, customise button text or show and hide back buttons and page numbers. It’s easy to make these quick but valuable design changes with one of the best free survey sites.

Better manage your surveys with the ability to organise them into folders, search your survey library by title, and quickly copy existing questionnaires.

Need the convenience of a reusable question library? Choose our Professional plan or higher.


Innovative ways to reach out to your audience with an online survey.

Create up to two trackable links for each survey, with unique URLs to share online and offline via your website, email or preferred channel.

Increase engagement with a survey link embedded into the body of a web page or app.

Need to display an online feedback form as a pop-up? Look at our Professional plan.

Boost response rates by sharing surveys in social media posts. Just add a link to your survey.


Strong analysis tools that help you to reveal valuable and actionable insights.

In-app view of real-time responses.

Need notifications? Look at our Professional plan.

Gain a top-level overview of how your survey has performed, with a print-friendly summary of your results.

Need to visualise results with charts and graphs? Look at our Professional plan.

View, print and export individual survey responses to Word.

Need to export your survey data as a CSV or Excel file? Look at our Professional plan.

View automatically calculated standard statistical information such as: Min, Max, Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation and Satisfaction rates for appropriate questions.

Find support at hand

Compared with many online survey sites, our powerful yet easy-to-use software means that even with minimal experience, you can quickly put our online survey tools to use to achieve what you need.

And for anyone requiring guidance and support, we have comprehensive web help guides available, that can assist you with any questions you might have about the functionality of our survey maker or platform.

The free survey software to use today

Pick the free survey plan that doesn’t compromise on platform security, with features to make your surveys easy to manage and options to upgrade at any time.

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SecurityScorecard rating:
A (98).

Your data is in safe hands

When it comes to survey platforms, data security is one of the most important features to consider. You can rest assured that your data is in safe hands with SmartSurvey, due to our compliance with GDPR.

Data is hosted and secured in UK data centres. In addition all survey data is encrypted in transit and at rest so you can be confident that its safe.

SmartSurvey is also ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. These independent assessments ensure we not only have robust security processes in place, but our people always follow the correct behaviours to ensure consistently high data security standards.

Partner with a provider that can offer you the highest security assurances. According to industry experts SecurityScorecard, we currently offer the most secure platform for survey software among our competitors.

Points to remember when building your survey

While SmartSurvey gives you the ability to create free online surveys quickly to gain research data, there is still an art to creating an effective survey.

Reduce length

Most participants are willing to spend on average up to ten minutes completing a survey. In practice, this means that an online survey with more than twenty questions will reduce its response rate with each additional question.

Seek simplicity

In a survey, short questions requiring short answers are best. Avoid asking open-ended questions, use descriptive text instead of numbers when presenting choices, and be careful not to suggest the answer in the way the question is posed.

Be coherent

Organising question together according to topic enables you to ask general questions first, before going into more detailed questions. When you group questions that use the same answer scale together, participants will be able to answer questions quickly.

Use logic

Participants don’t like to be confronted with too many questions that are not relevant to them. You can avoid frustrating survey respondents by using logic and branching to ensure irrelevant questions are skipped completely.

Filter responses

Include page and question randomisation designed to capture inattentive or fake respondents. By automatically displaying question choices in a random order to every respondent you can filter out data that could skew your results.

Avoid binaries

Yes/No questions (aka dichotomous questions) that lack any third option can create erroneous data. When confronted with binary questions, respondents will answer either yes or no when the real response may be entirely different.

Reassure respondents

Assure your participants that their personal data will be kept safe and won’t be shared with any third parties. By respecting respondent anonymity and stating this clearly at the start of your survey, you can increase the response rate.

Show empathy

Respondents that are willing to answer initial questions will be more open to sharing sensitive or personal information, like age or education level. Therefore, it is wise to place your sensitive or personal questions near the end of your survey.

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