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Free Online Surveys

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Free Online Surveys

SmartSurvey has made the process of creating surveys and collecting data much easier. While survey templates do make it much easier to design an effective online survey, thinking about how it is designed is still very important. Some things to avoid are asking lengthy questions, making questions too general and not providing clear instructions. You also want to consider adding an introduction as to why you’re conducting the survey and whether it's anonymous, being honest and upfront with your respondents will help you achieve maximum response rates.

While SmartSurvey gives you the ability to create free online surveys quickly to gain research data, there is still an art to creating an effective online survey.

So start building free online surveys using SmartSurvey’s intuitive survey creator and get professional advice from one of our team members to ensure maximum response rates and help you gain valuable and meaningful feedback.

SmartSurvey is an online based web tool which can help you create free online surveys in just 3 steps.

  1. Create free surveys using the user friendly control panel.
  2. Collect data by distributing your surveys by email, social media and even embedding them on websites.
  3. Analyse your data by viewing automatically generated charts and percentages.

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