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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Employee Experience Management Made Simple

When your people flourish, so does your organisation. Listen to every employee, understand what they value, and pinpoint areas for improvement - all on one easy-to-use platform

  • Guage employee happiness
  • Get a clear picture of job satisfaction
  • Create a better workplace

Trusted by 500,000+ happy customers

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Gather insight at every touchpoint to improve employee experience

SmartSurvey supports your organisation through the entire employee lifecycle empowering you to gather feedback at every touchpoint to drive improvement.

1. Recruit

Easily create application forms that perfectly replicate your brand identity, build trust and screen candidates

2. Onboard

Gather feedback to improve new hire experiences, identify issues, and ensure new starters are integrated and motivated

3. Develop

Swiftly get to the heart of what your employees, boost staff development, motivation and performance

4. Retain

Gauge employee satisfaction, reveal your advocates. Pinpoint where changes are needed to improve retention

5. Offboard

Identify crucial patterns in what staff are saying when they leave your company and uncover areas to act

Listen To Your Employees: They Know What Needs to Change

The fastest ways to enhance employee experience (EX)? Give your employees a voice and start acting on their insights. Employees who feel positive about their workplace are more engaged, productive, and likely to stay longer. To consistently improve EX, it's essential to gather feedback at every touchpoint from application to exit.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Powerful functionality to gather Employee Experience Insights

Ready to use Templates, eNPS and eSAT questions with automatic metric calculations, and dynamic dashboards. SmartSurvey provides all the tools you need to effectively manage your employee experience program.

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Measure and monitor what matters most

Collect the insights you need to drive change. From job satisfaction and work-life balance, eNPS, eSAT, culture, values and more. Gather feedback at each key touchpoint enabling every employee to contribute positively and ensure People Leaders have the data and metrics they need to enhance the overall employee experience.


Keep your employee data and feedback confidential and secure

SmartSurvey is one of the few survey providers that guarantee to keep your data in the UK for true GDPR compliance. Not only that, but we are ISO 9001, 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus Accredited - we take data security seriously.

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Collaborate effectively with teams across your organisation

Easily set up and manage EX project teams with master user and sub user accounts. Master users can set survey permissions and have oversight of sub user account activities. Boost collaboration between internal, regional and global teams with access to a library of templates, share charts, reports and dashboards.


Powerful APIs and Native integrations

Automate and share feedback with key systems such as applicant tracking systems, HRIS systems and talent development tools. SmartSurvey has native integrations with the best platforms. Need something bespoke or we don't have an integration with your platform? Leverage our powerful APIs and webhooks to trigger surveys, send notifications and transfer data.

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We make visualising your employee experience data simple

Our customisable dashboards enable you to see results in realtime and break data down and share
custom views and reports with people leaders around your organisation.
Screenshot of an eNPS trend chart dashboard.

Track the eNPS journey

Visualise the impact of your initiatives and determine if changes are enhancing the workplace.

Screenshot showing an eNPS score graphic.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Monitor eNPS in real-time, keeping your finger on the pulse of detractors and advocates.

Employee satisfaction results shown in a SmartSurvey dashboard

See what satisfaction looks like

Happy employees lead to outstanding work – see how changes are improving satisfaction levels

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Leading Brands Choose SmartSurvey for
Employee Experience Management

Find out why, straight from the source.
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SmartSurvey have an excellent support team who offer immediate, helpful support that I would rate very highly. It’s great to be able to pick up the phone to speak to someone and not be in a queue
Parkinsons UK
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SmartSurvey has provided us with a high functionality, GDPR compliant survey tool. The excellent service, together with the ease of use and access, topped by its cost effectiveness, make SmartSurvey a real business must
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
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In their global Employee Engagement Survey, Education Development Trust leveraged SmartSurvey to capture compelling insights, achieving an impressive 81% response rate. and setting a strong foundation for enhancing employee engagement
Education Development Trust

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers you need right here.

Can SmartSurvey accommodate surveys in multiple languages?

Yes, SmartSurvey makes it easy for employees to share their thoughts by allowing them to respond in their preferred language, no matter where they are in the world.

Can I use it to analyse feedback from diverse regions?

Yes, SmartSurvey enables you to conduct comprehensive analysis of feedback from various regions. Our interactive dashboards enable stakeholders to easily share and review survey results in real-time, ensuring all relevant teams and departments gain access to insights that are relevant to their specific language, region, or department.

Cross-tab reporting enables you to compare data sets side by side, allowing for a deeper understanding of feedback trends across different demographics, regions, or other segments. This feature is particularly useful for identifying unique patterns and needs in diverse areas.

Moreover, SmartSurvey offers advanced filters and a range of chart types to drill down into data sets and visualise them in a way that is both insightful and easily digestible. This enables a more nuanced analysis, helping you to tailor your strategies effectively to meet the varied needs and preferences of your audience across different regions.

How can SmartSurvey assist in attracting top talent?

SmartSurvey helps streamline your hiring by letting you create custom forms that can sort and qualify applicants automatically. This means you can quickly find candidates who meet your job requirements. Plus, you can ask for important documents right in the form, making it easier to check qualifications as well as automatically alerting hiring managers of new candidates

How can it help us measure the effectiveness of our onboarding process?

SmartSurvey allows you to create surveys tailored to different stages of the employee lifecycle, including onboarding. You can gather feedback from new hires to assess the onboarding experience and make improvements accordingly.

How does SmartSurvey help in conducting exit interviews?

Just like onboarding, our tool makes exit interviews easy and comfortable for departing employees. It allows you to create surveys that feel like genuine conversations and make it simple for departing team members to share their thoughts.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users