Employee Surveys

Boosting workforce contentment, motivation and productivity with employee surveys.

What can you measure using HR surveys?

From onboarding to offboarding and at all points in-between, HR professionals are putting employee surveys to work throughout the employee lifecycle.


Use advanced logic, survey scoring, cv uploads and piping to quickly identify exceptional candidates and match them to roles and organisations.


For most employees, the first few weeks and months are crucial to how well they settle in, engage and become successful long-term members of staff.


Training surveys let you keep track of course quality and satisfaction levels. Use our FREE templates to create, collect and analyse real-time data.

Salary & benefits

or many employees the benefits they receive are as important as their salary; measure how satisfied your own staff are with a benefits survey program.

Employee pulse

Employee pulse surveys make it easy to gather regular feedback, quickly, helping you identify and positively respond to developing trends or workplace issues.

Job satisfaction

What motivates your workforce? What affects the mood in the workplace? Use job satisfaction surveys to better understand and support your employees.

Staff motivation

Better understand your business from the perspective of your employees and find out the views and opinions they hold toward the company and their role.

360 feedback

360-degree surveys are a powerful tool but can be complex and time-consuming to deliver. Save time and stress with our managed 360 survey service.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is a measure of the emotional commitment your workforce have toward their work, the business and shared company goals.

Staff wellbeing

Prioritising employee wellbeing can enhance job satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, lower staff turnover, and drive business success. Use surveys to identify staff member concerns.

Work life balance

Work life balance is essential for maintaining good health, improving productivity and job satisfaction, and maintaining relationships. Find out how your employees are managing.

Employee NPS

Discover how Employee Net Promoter Score helps you measure employees’ happiness and their willingness to recommend your company as a great place to work.

Exit interviews

Gain the insights you need to reduce employee churn and foster better working environments by running surveys alongside employee exit interviews.

Anything else

If you have a HR survey requirement that isn’t covered here, why not speak to our friendly team; we’re confident our survey software can work for you.

From gathering feedback to monitoring progress, our surveys can measure employee engagement, improve performance and enrich your company culture.

People, not profits, enable organisations to be successful and the key to maintaining staff motivation and driving business forward is communication. Employee surveys can provide you with the trackable metrics you need to measure how happy your staff are in their jobs. With motivated, loyal, well trained employees and a happy work environment your company will achieve higher productivity.

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Companies with engaged employees pull in 2.5x more revenues compared to competitors with low engagement levels.

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Smarter employee survey software

The performance, functionality, and features necessary to design employee surveys that effectively engage and benefit your organisation.

From multiple choice and free text, to more advanced questions such as Net Promoter Score. With more than 20 question types, it’s easy to meet your survey needs.

Build surveys that are easy to complete. From skip logic and piping, to page or answer choice randomisation, our advanced built-in features help maximise your survey’s response rate.

From your logo, fonts and colours, to your survey introduction and thank you messaging, it’s easy to maintain your brand identity with our survey software’s customisation tools.

Easily create customer surveys in multiple languages and receive your feedback in the respondent’s language of choice. It’s then simple to analyse the data from a single set of results.

Employee surveys can provide an extremely powerful tool for enacting positive change throughout your business. But it’s important to ensure they are effectively planned, designed and reported on, if you are to the achieve the increased workforce contentment, motivation and productivity levels you need.

Helping your company grow

Investing resources to create a positive work environment can pay dividends for company growth. Staff satisfaction and employee engagement should rate highly on every companies list of objectives, as employees on the front line may interact with hundreds of customers every day.

Staff are often the first to know when something goes right or wrong, so gathering feedback in a structured way with our online survey software can help you to analyse responses and stay on top of any issues.

Maximising Business Success through Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Most businesses track customer satisfaction, but don’t regularly measure employee satisfaction. However, by executing a long-term strategy of retaining motivated employees that provide great service, you will increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Unhappy employees who leave your company and voice their grievances are detrimental to your brand. Employee focused strategy has become the norm, not the exception in thriving companies and consumers look favourably on organisations investing in people, rather than profits.

By engaging directly with your employees, you can identify what is working well and what needs improving. For example, by frequently using pulse surveys as well as conducting more in-depth satisfaction surveys, you can stay on top of what makes your business effective, allowing you to address issues before they impact customer satisfaction.

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Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.


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The benefits of running surveys in the workplace

Your survey could be designed to measure employee satisfaction or motivation. Or staff members’ experiences of and feelings about the workplace, colleagues and management. Or to get feedback on induction and training, both before and after delivery. These are just a few uses to which surveys can be put.

Whatever you choose to measure, a well-designed employee survey is one of the most efficient ways to facilitate two-way communications and better understand what delights or concerns staff. The act of asking for feedback can itself improve morale, and bring benefits to the business:

Improved efficiency

By increasing an employee’s desire to want to do a good job, you will improve their output.

Staff development

Motivated employees will strive to attain personal work-place goals and increased self-development.

Increased commitment

Happy employees will put in the maximum amount of effort to assigned tasks.

Decreased staff turnover

By building staff commitment you will reduce employee churn.

Greater satisfaction

Fulfilled employees will have a positive knock-on effect on your company’s growth.

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3 benefits of digitising your employee engagement

From an HR point of view going digital offers a significant number of advantages for employee engagement over staying with paper‑based systems.

Centralises record keeping

From staff performance appraisals and training & development to feedback about employee satisfaction levels, digitising and centralising this data makes it easier to find, access and share with others, which ultimately benefits your employees and business.

A clearer audit trail

From hiring, employee benefits and staff compensation, to performance appraisals and job termination, there are many policies and practices that HR teams are involved with and associated laws they need to adhere to. By digitising these processes, they are much easier to review for auditing, helping to ensure you remain compliant.

Minimise risk in HR legal cases

With all your staff records efficiently and clearly documented, digitisation helps you quickly locate and present evidence you need should demonstrate processes were correctly followed.

How are your employees feeling?

Find out what your employees really feel about your business, so you can identify any critical changes you need to make.

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A long or short survey?

This can vary depending on your company size and the areas you have identified as critical to be surveyed. However, typically the majority of employee surveys are roughly 30 – 40 questions in length and ideally require no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Stay GDPR compliant

Data protection is critical, particularly when collecting personally identifiable information from employees, it’s essential you are confident that your data collection software complies with the current GDPR laws governing the safe collection, use and storage of personal data.

Working with a compliant company like SmartSurvey can help you with this. As an ISO27001 accredited business we have some of the most robust industry processes and infrastructures in place to secure our customers’ data including hosting in a secure, UK based data centre.

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Reporting the results and benefits of your employee survey

Being able to effectively report on and communicate your survey results following completion is essential, if you are to reinforce the value of your investment in it and its benefits to your employees and business. Digital employee surveys are an extremely effective way to do this below are 3 key benefits you’ll get from using a software solution to run your survey.

Real-time data

The ability to view survey responses as and when they are collected, makes it easier and quicker to make the decision and changes you need.

Easy to share

Whether its downloading and printing responses to a report at a click of a button or transferring your results via a password-protected link, it’s simple to share your survey findings quickly with others that need them.

Simple to analyse

With the ability to export data into multiple formats you can easily and quickly turn your results into a range of graphs and charts making it simple to view survey findings and see what’s working well and what needs improving.

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