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Employee Surveys

Find and retain the best workforce possible with employee surveys.

Why employee surveys are a great idea

Your employees are integral to the success of your company and through employee surveys you can give them the voice they deserve. With motivated, loyal and brilliantly trained employees and a happy work environment there's nothing your company can't achieve. Gather their opinions and suggestions through regular online surveys, analyse their responses, and report on your findings ... all within SmartSurvey's online software. Employee satisfaction and engagement should be high on every company's agenda.

How to use online surveys to improve your business

When employees are engaged at work and find their job fulfilling employers will find they have a more productive workforce. Engaged employees strive to create satisfied and loyal customers, aim for those targets and work hard to meet deadlines. Needless to say, employee engagement is an important aspect of your organisation's success.

How do you ensure and improve employee engagement? We recommend asking your employees! By conducting employee surveys you'll gain invaluable insights from valued staff to create a productive and rewarding workplace. Question everything from the coffee in the break room to leave procedures and the benefits you offer. Address all your employees' concerns and implement positive changes.

It goes without saying that unhappy employees won't stay your employees for long. High staff turnover is detrimental to any company, let alone staff morale. If your workforce feels undervalued and unappreciated they'll look for positions elsewhere. Being a great employer means you attract quality hires and retain the best employees.

Employee surveys can also be used to make meetings, induction sessions or staff events more effective. Do a quick online survey afterwards, find out if the session met its objectives and then learn from the findings. The same theory can be applied to the organisation, procedures and leadership within your company. Are you giving your employees a chance to feedback and improve the way things are done?

Examples of employee surveys

Here are a few types of employee and personnel surveys for your organisation or HR department to implement:

Employee opinion survey

Conduct these surveys on a regular basis and analyse how your employees feel about their job. This information can be used as part of employee assessments, as well as improve the working environment.

Employee and job satisfaction survey

Get to the crux of what drives your workforce and affects the mood in the workplace with job satisfaction surveys. Time spent on understanding your employees will pay dividends in the long run, as employee satisfaction can directly impact customer satisfaction.

Employee engagement survey

How devoted are your staff? What do they work for? Are your employees as engaged and creative as they could be and, therefore, being profitable? Conducting job evaluations will help you identify your über and not so über employees, and pinpoint teams requiring improvement.

Training surveys

Do you know the career progression of your employees? Do they? Who needs additional training? Are the induction sessions you host effective? Find out with career training and development surveys.

Human resources survey

Use employee surveys to set targets for your Human Resources department. Measure employee satisfaction in key areas and then challenge your HR team to maintain high standards. Unfortunately employees will leave, however, you can learn from these hires by conducting employee exit interviews.

Employee self assessment

It's important to understand how employees see themselves within the organisation. Any discrepancies between their views and that of their supervisors could pinpoint issues that need resolving.

Management and leadership evaluation

It's important to evaluate your employees, but it is also important to give your employees the opportunity to evaluate their supervisors and managers. Everybody's opinion counts, so ensure HR company and supervisor evaluation surveys are available for your workforce to complete.

Employee survey templates

Feel free to use or customise one of our ready-made online survey templates:

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