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Bag first class results and nail your research projects with the power of SmartSurvey. All for less than the price of a pizza!
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What do you get?

From just £7.50 per month* you can employ the same data collection technology as brands like FIFA, TripAdvisor and Aldi. Fill your boots with all these advanced features at your disposal:

*Equivalent to £7.50/mo when you choose annual billing.
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All question types

Access a wide-range of question types such as multiple choice, single choice, rating scales, and free-text, along with advanced options such as ranking questions and file upload functionality, to collect specific and detailed feedback from participants.

130+ survey templates

Kick-start your survey creation with a wide-range of pre-designed templates, all ready-to-use and customisable for different projects and audiences. Or use our AI creation tool to build a survey from scratch.

Logic and piping

Create a personalised, user-friendly survey flow using advanced features to guide respondents through your questions, including skip logic, page logic and piping.

AI creation

Use the power of AI to speed survey creation. Simply describe the type of survey you’d like to build and let our tech do the work.

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Great survey platform. Did everything I needed it to do for my dissertation. Highly recommend!

Rhea Soulsby-Phillips


Unlimited responses

Enjoy the freedom to create and send as many surveys as you need without worrying about account limits. Collect unlimited responses without incurring additional charges.

Flexible distribution methods

Gather responses using our native email tools or any other online channel including web pages and social media. Alternatively, collect responses offline via printed surveys or using a tablet or smartphone in Kiosk mode, ready to upload later. You can even invite participants using QR codes on printed media!

Anonymous surveys

Maximise response rates and encourage honest feedback through the Anonymous Survey feature, which hides personally identifiable information.

Buy responses

Don't have your own contact list? Get instant access to more than 20 million respondents in over 70 countries with our consumer panels service (additional cost depending on responses).

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Incredibly easy to navigate and use. Very useful tools too, like diagrams and charts. I have used it for my ethnographic research and would highly recommend it!

Adriana Pegorer
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Trends analysis

Track and visualise response trends over time with our trend analysis tools, enabling you to identify patterns, fluctuations and notable developments in your survey responses.

Flexible data export

Export and share summary reports in formats such as PDF, Word, or Excel to allow easy printing or further analysis. Alternatively, export your raw survey data using formats like SPSS, XLSX, or CSV for import into other statistical software.

Automated metric calculations

Automatically calculate results for popular metrics like NPS, CSAT, or CES and enjoy visual representations of these key performance indicators.

Advanced chart types  

Dive into advanced chart types beyond simple diagrams, like pie charts, line graphs, NPS, CES, CSAT, stacked bars, and more, to see and understand your questionnaire info in fresh ways.

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Brilliant software. Really easy to use and download the results. It has [been] so valuable collecting data for my dissertation

Tracy Piper

Student plan pricing

Ideal for personal use.
Free forever.
No credit card required.
Sign up
Unlimited surveys
15 questions per survey
100 responses / month
1 user
Help guides, support ticket
130+ survey templates
Accessible surveys
GDPR compliant
All the advanced features you need.
Annual or monthly billing (cancel anytime!)
£15/ mo
6 months free with annual billing: £90/yr.
£45/ mo
Billed monthly
Get started
Unlimited surveys
Unlimited questions
1,500 responses per month
Unlimited responses
1 user
Everything in Basic, and
All advanced question types
Email distribution tool
Advanced logic & piping
Anonymous responses
One survey, multiple languages
SMS tool (credits required)
Advanced analytics
Data export
Trend analysis

Helping you succeed

Burning the midnight oil? If you get stuck or need some help, no problem. With 24/7 access to our help guides and video tutorials the answer is at hand. Or if you're really stuck, raise a ticket and one of our expert team will come to your rescue.

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Security first

We know this stuff is boring but, just so you know, you'll be supported by the UK's largest survey software company. We stick to the highest standards when it comes to data protection and security. We are ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified, compliant with GDPR and the Data Protection Act, and all of your data is hosted in the UK.

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You’re in good company

SmartSurvey is your ideal partner in academic research. Many universities already depend on our robust survey platform to uncover valuable insights through streamlined data collection and analysis.

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Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time straight from your account page. We allow our account users to upgrade and downgrade at any time, there is no minimum contract.

There is no need to contact us to downgrade your account as long as you cancel the day before your monthly payment is due. Your surveys, and data you have collected, will stay with your account when you downgrade to be accessed at a later time or until you delete your account.

Are your plan prices inclusive of VAT?

Our paid plan prices are displayed exclusive of VAT. All prices are subject to VAT.

Can you help me reach people to take part in my survey?

Yes, we can, you can buy responses through our Consumer Panel Service.

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