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As an approved G-cloud supplier, we are the online software for any public sector or government survey project.

Surveys for public sector employees, civil servants and politicians

Gathering public opinion and collecting feedback from communities is imperative in many industries, no more so than in the public sector, government services and politics. Find out how your local area feels about certain topics, canvas political opinion from constituents and discover the issues that matter most in your communities, all with user-friendly online surveys. SmartSurvey’s professional software enables the collection and analysis of feedback and data in a quick, secure and flexible manner.

Improving public sector and government services with online surveys

Public sector services are driven by the needs and requirements of the people they care for. Conducting online surveys is a quick and affordable method of community engagement and gathers the feedback needed to make service delivery as efficient, effective and budget-conscious as possible. For example, the Metropolitan police used SmartSurvey online surveys to reach out and get real responses to real questions. With this feedback they were able to set policing priorities for their communities which were in line with what their communities wanted.

With online surveys, policy makers and local authorities can quickly and effectively get to the heart of what matters most to their local communities. Surveys can be created and distributed to collect feedback on any issue; anything from leisure, tourism and town events to school facilities, public transport and new cycle paths. SmartSurvey online surveys can also be completed on any mobile device and written in any language; two very important features to ensure surveys are accessible to all and generate high response rates.

By surveying their constituents, members of political parties can map the political landscape before elections, analyse the effectiveness of debates and demonstrations, and understand what changes and promises voters will rally behind. Online surveys are a very efficient way of collecting and analysing these vital statistics and have the power to change the course of political campaigns for the better.

Examples of public sector and government surveys

Here are a few types of surveys and their application in public sector and government services:

  • G-Cloud and online surveys – Public sector and government services can start using SmartSurvey as an online survey software supplier quickly and easily, as we’re an approved G-Cloud supplier. Find all the advanced survey logic, reporting and analysis tools you need in one user-friendly software.
  • Community surveys – Every local community has its specific needs and the only way to discover these are to ask households about their daily lives and the issues they face. Online surveys are an effective, secure and anonymous (if necessary) way to collect the data needed to construct this community profile.
  • NHS surveys – Listening to patients’ views is a vital part of providing a patient-centred National Health Service. Regularly and systematically gathering feedback about the care received should be cost effective, surveys should be accessible to all, and data should be easy to manage and analyse.
  • Political surveys – Use online surveys and political polls to analyse campaign issues, candidate positions, and public opinion during an election year.
  • Crime prevention and police surveys – Through surveys police services and local communities can work together to reduce local crime. Such surveys could include questions relating to community crime perception, home security and anti-social behaviour.
  • Data protected surveys – Respondents’ data is often sensitive, so we have security features in place to keep the private, private. SmartSurvey is registered under the Data Protection Act, all data remains in the UK, participants can be anonymous and both surveys and results can be password protected.

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