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It's easy to get your surveys out there in front of your respondents. Whether you're looking towards web links, emails, SMS, web embeds, pop-ups, or social media, we've got the tools you need to distribute your survey.
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Use powerful tracking links

Tracking links form the core of all the ways to get traffic into your surveys. Every survey can have unlimited numbers of tracking links and each link can be customised with its own theme, quota, default translation, closing date, redirects, and more.

Integrate surveys with your site

Get feedback at the point of contact by using a web embed link. Embedded surveys can be integrated directly into your site. Alternatively, pop-up surveys let you add code to your sites that will launch an invitation to your survey. Control the amount of user engagement required to trigger the pop-up and set a frequency level so you get the traffic you need for your surveys without too much hassle for your visitors.

Invite your respondents via email

Create email invitations to send surveys to your contact lists. Every respondent gets a unique link to the survey, and you can unload extra data about each respondent as custom columns or set your survey to run anonymously. Set up automated reminders to maximise engagement with your surveys, which can work without compromising anonymity.

Send surveys via SMS

SMS works just like email invitations and is an effective way to send a survey to your audience. Our clients find that SMS distribution gets them better engagement. In an increasingly competitive landscape for attention, SMS messages still “cut through” with your audience.

Collect data offline and via paper forms

Take your surveys anywhere with offline surveys. Load your survey onto a mobile device and then collect multiple responses, without the need to be connected to the internet. Ideal for shows, exhibitions, or field research. Or, if paper is preferred, print out your survey for paper completion, and enter your responses via a special link.

Share your surveys on social platforms

Whoever your audience is, they're probably going to be somewhere on social media, so it can make sense for your surveys to be there too. Tracking links can be easily posted to social media, and a special link type for Facebook gives a professional looking post with a couple of clicks.

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