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Healthcare Surveys

We want to help you provide the best care possible. Clever surveys lead to smart healthcare decisions.

Surveys for healthcare professionals

As healthcare professionals and providers, you know a lot of factors and hard work are involved in providing the best possible treatment and care. Collecting feedback from patients and employees to improve healthcare is just one factor, but this shouldn't be hard work. Our online survey software simplifies this process so health organisations can focus on what they do best, caring. Use our ready-made survey and questionnaire templates or create your own.

Improving healthcare with online surveys

Health services should be shaped by the needs of the patients they look after and what matters most to them. Surveys and questionnaires enable patients to speak up and healthcare providers to listen, as they gather information that can't be picked up by a stethoscope in an examination. While some patients may shy from providing feedback in person, surveys offer a chance to do so privately. By sharing their experiences patients can help their healthcare suppliers to identify issues quicker, celebrate and repeat positives, and implement plans for improving care.

Likewise, asking healthcare employees to feedback and provide suggestions on the service they deliver will help identify areas needing improvement. Happy, empowered and motivated staff lead to healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the best care possible.

Examples of healthcare surveys

NHS friends and family test

The FFT is part of NHS England's drive to put patients first and improve healthcare services across the United Kingdom. Our user-friendly online survey software provides an efficient and effective FFT implementation solution.

Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction surveys  help healthcare suppliers improve the care they provide by learning patients' opinions on areas such as; quality of treatment, facilities, appointment bookings or support staff.

Employees and staff

Providing quality healthcare requires team work and communication. Ensure all doctors, nurses and staff have the tools and training they need, gather feedback on internal processes, and survey staff about the safety of their working environment.

Dental care

Find out how patients choose their dental practice and how they find the treatment they receive. By knowing what factors dental patients find important, a practice is able to improve their service to meet those needs.

GP patient survey

Conduct surveys to find out how your patients feel about a GP Practice and areas that could be improved.

Eye care survey

Opticians generally only see (excuse the pun) their patients once a year but this doesn't have to be the only communication. Create surveys that can be answered before or after appointments, or even mid-way through the year to get to know patients better.

Healthcare survey template

Feel free to use or customise one of our ready-made online healthcare survey templates:

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