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Market research survey templates

Discover our wide variety of market research survey templates designed to help you gain valuable insights for your business. Whether you're seeking product feedback or gauging customer satisfaction, our customisable templates have you covered.

Utilising Online Surveys for Effective Market Research.

Keeping up with fast-paced, ever-changing market trends is key for any successful business. Listening to your customers and reacting to emerging consumer demands will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Using surveys in your market research allows you to collect insights throughout the product or market lifecycle. Explore prospective and existing customers’ needs and motivations, positive and negative feelings about your products or branding, and the effectiveness and reach of your promotional efforts.

Online surveys offer you a fast and easy way to conduct targeted market research that will provide you with the information you need to deliver the best product or service to the right audience.

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Making your business succeed in the face of increasing competition is not an easy thing, and that is why market research exists – to enable you find weaknesses you should improve on.

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What can you measure using market research surveys?

Put our user-friendly, advanced online software to work to gather the information you need to help improve profitability.


Whether looking to launch a new business, move into a new market, or grow your presence in an existing market, whatever your goals you’ll need a degree of certainty about the market you’re focusing on.


Consumer research can help you find the right audience for your products or services, identify key influences on buying behaviour, or understand the motivations, attitudes and interests of your target market.


By helping to validate the direction you are taking or alert you to any improvements you need to make, a product survey can ensure you are better able to meet your current and future customers’ expectations.


Given the influence branding can have on consumer decisions, and their ability to differentiate between and recall competing products and services, it’s vital to know how your own brand is perceived.


Getting the messaging right in your advertising, ensuring in-store promotions attract customers, or improving recall are challenges that research can help inform.

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If you have a market research survey requirement that isn’t covered here, why not speak to our friendly team? We are confident our survey software can work for you.

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6 steps for carrying out market research

The performance, functionality, and features necessary to design employee surveys that effectively engage and benefit your organisation.

Pinpoint what you want to find out. The more focused the research is on finding out what you want to know, the more useful it will be.

Select the questions you want to ask and build the survey. Customising and editing your survey is easy and don’t forget to test it on a sample group before sending.

Send bulk email and SMS survey invitations, send reminders and easily manage contact lists. Track open rates, views, failures and opt-outs.

Turn results into custom graphs and charts. Also, easily export the exact survey data you need to CSV (Excel) for further analysis.

Download reports or give others access by sending them a password-protected link so that they can view the results for themselves.

Act on the results – the true value of the survey will be when you implement changes that drive your business forward.

Market research survey design tips

  • Have a clear objective of what you want to achieve.
  • Do not ask questions about non-essential information.
  • Focus on two or three topics that will have the greatest impact on business goals.
  • Identify areas that require richer feedback and ask more detailed questions.
  • Critically review your questionnaire to make sure you receive actionable results.

Data collected through market research should aid business decisions. Questionnaire design is an art and something that requires practice. When designing online surveys, remember to keep in mind the objectives and who the target audience is. It is good practice to put the questions in a meaningful order and keep the survey to a reasonable length, don’t ask questions unless the data will be directly used to implement changes.

Short on time? Not sure where to start?

Use one of our templates to create a survey in just a couple of clicks.

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Market research survey examples

How well do you know your target market? Use surveys to get a better understanding of the people who buy your products or use your services.

Find out what your customers like and dislike, what they’d like more of and what you can improve on. Get valuable feedback straight from the horse’s mouth.

Do your homework before launching a new product or service. Find out what people think and if the price is right to achieve budgeted sales and meet your business goals.

How effective is your advertising? Consumers are bombarded with ads every waking minute, use online surveys to test your adverts and prioritise your ad spend.

Reach out to your target market for insight about what they want. By using online surveys you can equip yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Designing a market research survey is simple. Our online expert guides can help you get started and walk you through every step of the process. You can create a new survey from scratch or, if you need a bit of inspirational help, select one of our ready-made templates and customise it to suit your needs. We are always available to offer support if you need a helping hand.

Collecting and analysing real-time data lets you identify what really matters to your customers so that you can take instant action. You can export your data to Excel, Word, CSV and PDF, do text analysis on open-ended questions and use advanced filtering and cross tabulation to get a clear understanding of the different segments in your market. Finally, when you have collected all your data, you can use helpful visuals, charts and graphs to communicate your findings to the people that matter.

Why are market research surveys important?

  • To understand the needs of existing customers
  • For recognising prospective new customers
  • To identify and enter new markets
  • For measuring brand awareness
  • To drive improvements to products and pricing

The number one reason for businesses to conduct market research is to keep up to date with what customers want. With SmartSurvey’s advanced software, you can reach your target audience anytime, anywhere. By sending survey invitations via email and SMS, sharing them on social media and embedding them directly into your website, you can gather relevant data and identify opportunities as they happen.

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Reporting the results of your market research survey

Being able to effectively report on and communicate the results of your research after the completion of your survey is essential, in order to consider the insights during product or market development, or to ensure your promotional efforts are working for you. Here are some of the benefits of using an online survey tool for your market research surveys:

Data in real-time

Having the ability to view your survey responses as and when they are captured makes it quicker and easier to make the decisions and adaptations you need.

Simple to analyse

The option to export data into multiple formats means you can quickly incorporate your results into graphs and charts that make viewing your survey findings easier and seeing what’s working and what needs improving a breeze.

Ease of sharing

From downloading and printing responses at a click of a button, to transferring results via a password-protected link, we make it simple to share your survey findings quickly.

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