Feature highlights

Advanced Customisation

SmartSurvey lets you build custom surveys that take their customisation to a high level. Use bespoke themes and apply custom CSS to create unique look and feel, or even bespoke interactive elements or questions. If any of these capabilities sound interesting, but outside your organisation’s capabilities, we also offer managed services.

Advanced themes

Custom Themes allow you to add your own CSS and JavaScript, forming the basis not just for surveys that look totally unique, but that behave in unique ways as well.

Custom CSS – total control over look and feel

With Custom CSS, you’ve got total control over every aspect of how your survey looks. Make surveys that precisely match your branding, beyond the capabilities of a standard editor. Apply precise branding, and make your surveys look seamless with your websites.

Bespoke question layouts and styles

Custom CSS can completely change how a question looks. You can use this to create new question styles beyond the default options, and to build new forms of interaction between them.

Image-map questions

It’s possible to create a question type where respondents click somewhere on an image and the location is recorded, based on “hotspots” defined on the image. Perfect for questions about locations, choosing from line-ups, and more.

Answer carry forward

Go beyond the usual limitations of piping that create linked questions to carry forward multiple selected answers. For example, ask respondents to select items from a group, and then rank the selected items.

Non-linear surveys

A custom survey theme and CSS can be used to create a survey with expandable sections that can be completed in any order. Ideal for complex surveys and consultations where you want to give respondents the freedom to tackle the sections in the best order for their needs.

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