Feature highlights

Mobile First Surveys

The mobile web is now the norm, not the exception, so SmartSurvey gives you the tools to ensure mobile users have a great experience when completing your surveys.

Responsive by default

SmartSurvey’s default themes are responsive and mobile-friendly by default, making it just as easy for those respondents who are using a smartphone to answer your surveys as someone on a desktop PC.

Accessible across devices

We give you all the features you need to make your surveys accessible, whether on mobile or desktop. The easier it is for your respondents to understand and interact with your survey, the more of them will respond and the better your data will be.

Custom Themes for a unique look and feel

The look and feel of your surveys are massively customisable by creating and applying a custom Theme. Change fonts, colours, spacing, layouts and more, or we can do it for you. Enterprise clients get a free custom theme as part of their onboarding process.

One survey, many themes for multiple audiences

Using tracking links, you can have a survey load in one or more different themes based on the link that’s used to access the survey. So, you can tailor your survey look and feel specific to the audience that’s likely to be arriving via that link, or the way it was distributed.

Send surveys via text

SmartSurvey includes the option to distribute your survey using a link an SMS text message. SMS is a hugely effective way to get your survey literally into the hands of your respondents, and our clients find that SMS distribution gets them increased response rates due to the way that instant messaging adds immediacy and gains attention in an increasingly crowded space.

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