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Do you need to find the best online survey provider to create, collect, and analyse any type of data? If you are looking for an alternative to Qualtrics, SmartSurvey provides secure UK-based survey software to gather customer, employee, brand, and product experience data.

Compare SmartSurvey vs Qualtrics

SmartSurvey is ideal for businesses that punch above their weight. We can provide you with the tools to promote your brand identity, build trust, and develop credibility with customers. All account holders benefit from being able to use our cutting-edge customisation tools and advanced online reporting features that will provide you with the information that will help you succeed.

Value for Money

From multiple choice to free text, Likert scales to NPS, ranking to slider scales. Everything customisable in many ways

UK-based and Secure

Data is stored and backed up on UK/EU-based servers. You can rest assured your data is secure.

GDPR compliant

Data privacy has never been more important, our platform is compliant with UK/EU regulations.

SmartSurvey vs Qualtrics comparison table

SmartSurvey Qualtrics
Custom branding:
Customise background, layout, images, logo, fonts, thank you page and URL
Advanced skip logic:
Use skip logic, piping, scoring and randomisation to ask the right questions
Multiple file export types:
Export survey data to excel, word, pdf and many more
Powerful analysis features:
Filter survey responses for key statistical data and text analysis
Data stored securely in UK:
Data stored securely in the UK, Cyber Essentials Plus Certified and registered with the UK’s ICO
No contracts:
Downgrade or cancel instantly from your account page, no minimum contract
Price Match Guarantee:
We will match prices quoted by Qualtrics

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SmartSurvey Features

Data stored in the UK/EU

What is the most important feature of a survey software tool? Data security. For companies operating in Europe, compliance with the GDPR is of paramount Importance. All of your survey respondents’ data is stored in the UK/EU.

Customer support when you need it

We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we are on hand to help you out during UK office hours. Call us any time from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm GMT on our free phone number to talk to our friendly, expert support team. We’re committed to solving your issues as quickly as possible, so you can collect the data you need without having to wait for a response to a support ticket or email. During British trading hours, there will always be someone available to take your call.

Full branding control

Maintaining the image of your brand is important, which is why we offer a huge range of style templates for your online surveys. For people and organisations with access to more advanced coding skills, we allow the use of custom HTML and CSS to make totally bespoke “look and feel” for surveys. If you don’t have these skills within your organisation, then get in touch with our account team who can help with the use of our own internal team of designers and coders.

Domain branding

SmartSurvey enables you to fully customise your online surveys, which includes the branding of your survey links. You are provided with an option to use your own domain name as part of your survey link, so a sub domain of your choice can replace the default survey link.



Built for teams

Business users of SmartSurvey can set up multiple users within their account, each with their own permissions and surveys. If your organisation is dealing with sensitive data, this can be important for ensuring that data is only visible to the people who need to see it.

Convenience for respondents

With our “Save and continue” feature, you can allow your respondents to take a break from the survey at any time and return to it later by means of a unique link sent to them via email. When they click the link, from any device, it takes them back to where they left the survey.

File management

The File cabinet within your SmartSurvey account makes it simple to store survey-related documents. Just upload your files to the cabinet, and then whenever you need them for your survey, you simply open up the file cabinet and select the relevant file. There’s no need for you to find somewhere else for you to host files.

Receive files with your responses

Respondents using SmartSurvey can upload files from their own devices to the survey as part of their response. You can then look at these files within SmartSurvey when viewing responses. This makes SmartSurvey a powerful tool for applications and CVs, or even in situations where you need respondents to send photos.

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Trusted by leading brands worldwide

Over 500,000+ users worldwide benefit from our advanced yet user-friendly survey software. At SmartSurvey our personalised customer support is exceptional, our team is friendly, approachable and professional. We are ISO27001 certified, registered under the Data Protection Act and fully compliant with EU Privacy Laws.

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