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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Create Amazing Experiences

Unify Your Data, Delight Your Customers and create brand advocates with SmartCX.

  • Customer Success Managers focused on hitting your goals
  • Intuitive software with minimal learning curves
  • Exceptional support via phone, email and live chat

Trusted by 500,000+ happy customers

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Choosing a customer experience platform shouldn’t be hard…

At SmartSurvey, we stand out from all the other CX platforms. We are super secure, our data is stored in the UK, our software is easy-to-use, with access to personal UK support. You get unlimited responses, and all CX features for one price. Unlike every other vendor whether you collect 1,000 or 1,000,000 responses, your costs won't change.

Intrigued? Let's dive in.

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Say hello to SmartCX – your complete customer experience solution!


Get to know what your customers really think

Easily launch multiple NPS, CES, and CSAT programs. Our intuitive platform allows you to manage them at scale.

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Screenshot of a customer satisfaction dashboard in SmartSurvey.


Quickly uncover and share actionable CX insights

Build, segment and share dashboards based on any attribute to quickly identify trends and gain actionable insights.


Take action on feedback to drive continuous improvement

Create custom notifications to alert your team about important feedback. Integrate with your existing systems.

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We couldn't be happier with Smartsurvey;
we love its functionality and flexibility
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Why choose SmartSurvey as your customer experience partner?

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Other survey platforms
UK Data Storage
Unlimited Responses
Fully GDPR compliant
One price all CX features
Customer Success Manager
Awesome Support
Access to CX Consultants

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Listen to your customers on their preferred channels

We meet your customers where they are. Gather feedback seamlessly across all the channels your customers love and dive deep into the data to discover valuable CX insights.
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Schedule reminders for non-responders to increase engagement.
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Reach customers quickly with SMS surveys, enhancing brand recognition.
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Increase engagement by embedding surveys directly on your website and emails
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Social media

Distribute surveys on social media platforms easily with a live link.
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QR codes

Use QR codes to make your surveys accessible anywhere.
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Use pop-up surveys to gather feedback on the web at key interaction points

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

Boost engagement, drive action and improve customer experience


Create, share and customise stakeholder reports

Provide real-time access to customer insight, without additional user licenses.

  • Set your CX project team up for success by sharing templates, themes, and your preferred CX questions
  • Enable your team members to work together effectively and seamlessly through detailed user permissions
  • Schedule automated stakeholder reports, providing real-time access to customer experience insight.
A graphic showing satisfaction rating trend charts in a SmartSurvey report.
Screenshot of a SmartSurvey customer experience dashboard.


Our dashboards turn data into insights

Share key metrics or data sets across your teams with ease – no data science degree required!

  • Holistically analyse data and feedback across the entire customer journey
  • Quickly visualise data and spot trends with out-of-the-box CX charts
  • Drill into and categorise complex qualitative data, sentiment, and customer anecdotes


Integrate with your existing systems

SmartSurvey plays nicely with your existing tools. Integrate effortlessly with your existing tech stack making capturing feedback effortless.

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A screenshot showing SmartSurvey's AI-powered sentiment analysis.


Powerful sentiment analysis

Get to the heart of customer sentiments quickly, helping you respond with care and precision.

Why SmartSurvey stands out in the crowded customer experience marketplace

Data management
made simple

Drill down, segment, and share your data with senior leaders, managers and anyone else in the business who needs it.

Clear pricing,
No response costs

Ensuring you can plan for the future without surprises, making financial decision-making simpler and
more predictable.

Feature-rich insights
at no extra cost

All the CX tools you need as as advanced reporting, dynamic dashboards and sentiment analysis all included for one price.

No GDPR Worries. Super Secure UK Data storage

Leave security and GDPR compliance to us so you can focus on building better experience for your customers

Streamlined setup,
swift results

Customer Success combined with awesome support means we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your CX goals.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users

How big brands use SmartSurvey Enterprise

Maximise results with our enterprise survey software, by utilising its full range of features for improved research and data collection.

IKEA increased response rates and long-term customer satisfaction by delivering survey invitations via SMS

IKEA leverages SmartSurvey Enterprise's SMS solution for real-time communication and improved customer feedback, resulting in higher engagement and a rise in the Net Promoter Score to 70 from 25.

Response rates also increased to 15% due to immediate survey invitation.

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Thanks to SmartSurvey, our communication strategy is making us stand out from the crowd. By using SMS, asking the right questions and acting on results, shows customers that IKEA is one step ahead of the competition.


uSwitch boosts customer service with SmartSurvey's branded embedded surveys, identifying key improvements for a seamless experience.

With SmartSurvey's fully branded embedded surveys, uSwitch improved their customer service by identifying areas for improvement. This allowed them to collect customer feedback and compile monthly reports for a seamless experience.

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We couldn't be happier with SmartSurvey, we love its functionality and flexibility. This means we have been able to use one survey tool across many parts of the business.

Trusted by leading brands worldwide

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Trusted by 500,000+ happy customers

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers you need right here.

Can SmartSurvey accommodate CX surveys in multiple languages?

Yes, SmartSurvey makes it easy for customers to share their experiences by allowing them to respond in their preferred language, no matter where they are in the world.

Can I use SmartSurvey to analyse CX feedback from diverse regions?

Yes, SmartSurvey enables you to conduct comprehensive analysis of feedback from various regions. Our interactive dashboards enable stakeholders to easily share and review CX survey results in real-time, ensuring all relevant teams and departments gain access to insights that are relevant to their specific language, region, department or location.

Cross-tab reporting enables you to compare data sets side by side, allowing for a deeper understanding of customer experience data sets across different demographics, regions, or other segments.

SmartSurvey offers advanced filters and a range of chart types to drill down into data sets and visualise them in a way that is both insightful and easily digestible. This enables a more nuanced analysis, helping you to tailor your strategies effectively to meet the varied needs and preferences of your audience across different regions.

Is Customer Experience just another word for Customer Service?

They are fundamentally different. Customer experience encompasses the whole journey a customer takes that includes every interaction your customer has with your brand.

Let's delve deeper...

Customer Service: This involves the support and advice provided to customers when they encounter issues or have questions about your product or service. Customer service is the human touch in the customer journey, representing the voice of your company to your customers. Its often during these interaction where you will run Customer Effort Surveys (CES) to uncover how hard or easy it was for a customer to get their problem resolved and identify opportunities for service improvement.

Customer Experience: CX covers the entire spectrum of the customer's interaction with the brand, including every point of contact between the customer and the company. It goes beyond direct interactions, incorporating elements like a retail store experience, as well as all the interaction with staff members across a multitude of departments, channels and services.

Customer experience includes everything in the customer's journey, integrating customer service as one of its components. Meanwhile, customer service focuses solely on the moments when a customer seeks help with a product or service.

How long will it take to get my CX project up and running with SmartSurvey?

On average we have most projects up and running very quickly and customers are sending out CX surveys inside a few days of having access to the platform. For larger projects, leveraging functionality such as multiple languages, multiple domains, the use custom variables, advanced logic or deep integration requirements this naturally adds an additional level of complexity. In most instances this adds no more than a few weeks to a launch times.

Can you build a custom integration for my CX project?

We currently offer integrations with 293 platforms, and we're continually adding more! However, we understand there are countless platforms out there.

If you require an integration that we do not currently support, our team is happy to explore developing a custom connector tailored to your specific needs.

To facilitate this process, please provide the URL of the platform you'd like us to integrate with, along with a description of your use case.

For example, you might request an integration with your CRM where a survey is triggered whenever a contact's lifecycle status updates to customer, or you might want an integration where NPS detractors automatically generate a ticket in your help desk, incorporating the survey response into the ticket.

A graphic showing NPS results in SmartSurvey.

Want to learn more?
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Chat with one of our friendly UK team about your project. We'll be happy to show you round the platform, explore its advanced functionality and show you how it can solve your CX challenges.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on over 500,000 happy users