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Education Surveys

Collect feedback that will teach you how to provide the best education possible.

Surveys for teachers, students and education professionals

From learning the alphabet at primary school to training sessions at work, we're always learning. Education plays a fundamental role in our lives, so it's vital that our learning experiences are effective and satisfying. Surveys can gather the feedback and information needed from teachers, students, professors and administrators to make everyone's educational journey as fulfilling as possible. With our user-friendly online software these surveys can be created, distributed and analysed in a few clicks … it's as easy as ABC.

How to use online education surveys

One of the most valuable applications of online surveys is to gather feedback and opinions from both the learner and educator. For example, a simple online survey can obtain feedback from students on a new course, whether it met expectations and if the teaching was effective. Whether the learner is in nursery, reception, primary school or secondary school, university or studying via distance learning their feedback will reveal ways you can improve courses, teaching methods, processes and, therefore, overall achievement. Likewise, engaging with teaching staff, professionals and education administrators will allow head teachers, deans and department heads to understand the factors that affect morale in the staffroom. Happy and inspired teachers (employee satisfaction) inevitably leads to better results in the classroom.

As teaching methods become more and more digitalised, online surveys prove an efficient way to conduct tests, polls and quizzes. The task can be created within SmartSurvey's software, customised to your school and subject, distributed via email, SMS or social media to your students and then completed online. Further more, use question scoring features to tally the scores and results for you! Share the class' results and also keep records of your students' improvement.

A school or university is a community and plays an important role in the surrounding area. Parents, for example, are as involved in the school's success as the teachers and students. If developments need to be voted on, if there are new procedures, if changes in the education industry will affect teaching then online surveys are a quick way to let people know and gather support. Surveys are an engagement tool that allows the entire educational community to have their say and conducting these online makes this conversation professional and efficient.

Examples of education surveys

Here are a few types of education surveys and how teachers, students and educational administrators can use them:

Student feedback

Ensure your school and the teaching you provide is as effective as possible by collecting feedback from the students themselves. For example, do students find staff supportive? Do they feel comfortable to contribute in class? How well do their classmates behave?

Teacher feedback

Teachers are on the frontline when it comes to your school. Find out what they think and what they need to provide the best education possible. What extra support or resources are required? Online surveys are a quick and effective way to gather this important information.

School climate survey

What is it like to learn in your school? A school climate survey will help you find out if there is a supportive learning environment, if the academic offerings are challenging enough, whether teachers are seen as respectful and if diversity is valued.

Student satisfaction

How satisfied are your students? Collect information from students, from primary school to university, about the quality of teaching, access to facilities, learning resources, the registration process or even the food in the canteen.

Teacher and administrator satisfaction

Are your teachers and educational administrators happy at work? Are colleagues, working environment, procedures and career development paths as they should be? Conduct anonymous (if necessary) surveys to find out.

School leavers and graduate feedback

Each year a new batch of students or learners will move on from your school, but how was their education experience? Did it meet their expectations and fulfil promises? Be sure to conduct a leavers survey so you can continue to improve year on year, learner by learner.

Course and training evaluation surveys

Whether the courses or training we attend are free or paid for, there is a certain quality that attendees expect and instructors want to meet. Evaluate your course by collecting feedback on the course materials, teaching aids, learning room environment and the performance of the instructor.

Education survey templates

Feel free to use or customise one of our ready-made online survey templates:

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