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Philip Cleave

5 May 2022

What Is A Customer Experience Strategy?

From product differentiation and pricing strategies to cross selling, improving customer service and more. There are many strategies businesses can ... Read more

Customer Experience

Philip Cleave

29 Apr 2022

Why Measure Customer Satisfaction? 

To answer this question, you need to get back to basics and think about what’s most important to your business. ... Read more

Customer Experience

Philip Cleave

12 Apr 2022

What Is A Consumer Panel?

Whether you’re trying to launch a new product or reposition your brand, or better assess consumer opinion and buying behaviour. ... Read more

Market Research

Philip Cleave

30 Mar 2022

Surveys In Marketing

For your business to be successful, there’s no substitute for getting to know your audience and their wants and desires. ... Read more

Know-how, Market Research, Use Cases

Philip Cleave

15 Mar 2022

What Is Net Promoter Score?

Keeping customers satisfied and loyal is a key aim for businesses everywhere. The belief being the more satisfied and loyal ... Read more

Customer Experience, Know-how

Philip Cleave

8 Mar 2022

What Are Customer Touchpoints?

No matter what type of business, or industry you operate in, your customers will typically go through a series of ... Read more

Customer Experience

Philip Cleave

18 Feb 2022

Diversity and Inclusion Survey Questions for Employees

From rewards and recognition to professional development opportunities and leadership from senior managers. There are many things that can help ... Read more

Employees, Know-how, Questions

Philip Cleave

9 Feb 2022

Employee Engagement Action Plan Ideas

When it comes to business success your staff are one of your most crucial assets. Not only through the knowledge ... Read more


Philip Cleave

1 Feb 2022

Leading Questions in Surveys

Bias can occur quite frequently in our everyday lives. And we are often the instigators, using bias to turn a ... Read more

Know-how, Questions

Philip Cleave

27 Jan 2022

Working From Home Survey Questions

When the Covid pandemic first emerged in early 2020, the world changed dramatically. None more so than the world of ... Read more

Know-how, Questions

Philip Cleave

19 Jan 2022

The Best Time to Send a Survey

Having done everything to perfect your survey, you’ll want to achieve the best possible response rate after sending it. From ... Read more

Distribution, Know-how

Philip Cleave

14 Jan 2022

What is Customer Onboarding?

When it comes to relationships, we all know the importance of creating a great first impression. Just consider all the ... Read more

Customer Experience, Know-how, Use Cases

Philip Cleave

24 Dec 2021

Pilot Testing Questionnaires

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve previously built lots of questionnaires, or you’re working on your very first one. You’ll want ... Read more

Know-how, Questions

Philip Cleave

17 Dec 2021

What is Informed Consent?

Whether as a result of our participation in a research study, or as a health or social care patient. No ... Read more

Know-how, Use Cases

Philip Cleave

13 Dec 2021

Creative Ways to Collect Feedback

When it comes to feedback, we all consciously and subconsciously collect it from others daily. It’s why we adapt our ... Read more

Distribution, Know-how

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