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Philip Cleave

23 Nov 2021

Employee Onboarding: How to Get it Right

When it comes to your company assets, staff are among your most valuable, as having the right employees, knowledge and ... Read more

Know-how, Use Cases

Philip Cleave

4 Nov 2021

Omnichannel vs Multichannel: Why It Matters for CX Surveys

While many of us will be familiar with the term customer experience (CX) and its importance to driving brand loyalty ... Read more

Customer Experience, Know-how

Philip Cleave

12 Oct 2021

One Question Surveys

Whatever survey you create, you’ll want to achieve as high a survey response rate as you can, as this will ... Read more

Know-how, Questions

Philip Cleave

20 Sep 2021

Survey Email Subject Lines

When it comes to survey distribution methods, email is still up there as one of the most popular ways to ... Read more

Distribution, Know-how

Philip Cleave

1 Sep 2021

How to Present Survey Results

Having worked hard on your survey design and achieved some great results, you’ll want to maximise their value with those ... Read more

Design, Know-how

Philip Cleave

18 Aug 2021

Getting the Most Out Of Your Reporting and Analysis Features

Whatever size, or type of organisation you are, having an improved understanding of your stakeholder audience has never been more ... Read more

Features, Know-how

Philip Cleave

28 Jul 2021

Measuring Customer Loyalty

Wouldn’t it be great if after making their first purchase, more of these same customers kept returning to your business? ... Read more

Customer Experience

Philip Cleave

20 Jul 2021

Developing a More Human Approach to Customer Support

With today’s ever more competitive marketplace, it’s no longer enough for businesses to rely solely on product quality and the ... Read more

Customer Experience

Philip Cleave

8 Jul 2021

What is Competitive Analysis?

When it comes to business none of us operates in a vacuum. Besides having to meet the changing needs of ... Read more

Know-how, Market Research

Philip Cleave

25 Jun 2021

Application Form Questions

Having looked at the advantages of application forms in recruitment, in the first part of our exploration into this topic, ... Read more

Human Resources, Questions

Philip Cleave

23 Jun 2021

Advantages of Application Forms in Recruitment

Given the increasing competitiveness of the recruitment industry and statistics, which reveal that 46% of recruiters are struggling to attract ... Read more

Human Resources, Know-how

Philip Cleave

17 Jun 2021

Examining the Importance of High Contrast Accessibility in Accommodating Low Vision Users

As an organisation, we’ve been working hard on accessibility issues. And although we still have some way to go, we’re ... Read more

Accessibility, Design, Know-how

Philip Cleave

7 Jun 2021

The Benefits of Anonymous Surveys

Having taken the time to create the perfect engaging survey, got your distribution methods ready and your team prepared to ... Read more


Philip Cleave

28 May 2021

How to Reduce Social Desirability Bias

Many of us can probably relate to the following situation. When we’re in new or unfamiliar social surroundings, we will ... Read more


Philip Cleave

19 May 2021

Discussing Survey and Chart Design Tactics With a Colour Blind Football Commentator

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2021 our accessibility consultant, Katherine Moonan, invited colour blind football commentator, Cameron Hobbs to ... Read more

Accessibility, Design, Know-how

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