Survey Sharing

SmartSurvey makes it easy to share survey results and surveys with colleagues and other stakeholders, while still ensuring everything is safe and secure.
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Share your results with custom reports

The SmartSurvey Summary feature is a powerful tool for making customised reports. Using filters and view settings, you can create reports that show exactly those survey elements you need for yourself or others, then create secure, branded sharing links where your colleagues can view their custom reports.

Export your data to common formats

It's easy to export your data from SmartSurvey. Individual responses can be exported to PDF or Word, for easy reading or printing. Bulk responses to Excel, CSV, TSV, SPSS, ideal for further processing or import elsewhere. Export Summary Data to Excel or Word, which makes it simple to create reports. Finally, export crosstabs to compare questions against each other and make key connections.

Scheduled exports

You can set any export type to run on a schedule you define, and automatically send emails with those exports to anyone you need to. Create recurring reports, set rolling time windows with smart date filters. Every survey can have an unlimited number of scheduled exports, giving you massive flexibility for your stakeholders.

Sharing and collaboration

Users on multi-user accounts can collaborate on any survey via a detailed permissions system. The master user can give permission to edit the survey design, change the survey settings, distribute the survey by creating links, view report data for the survey, copy the survey, or delete the survey on a per survey-per-user basis.

Use preview to share with colleagues

The preview link for any survey can be freely shared with stakeholders who you need to review the survey, allowing you to share the load of testing and make sure that anyone who needs to have input onto the survey process can do so based on a dynamic preview of exactly how the survey will be presented to respondents, and not based on a text document.

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