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Hospitality survey templates

Discover our wide array of hospitality survey templates designed to gather crucial feedback for your hospitality business. Whether you're seeking input on guest satisfaction or feedback on your hotel amenities, we've got you covered with a variety of customisable survey templates.

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From restaurants to hotels, leisure facilities to tourist destinations, boutique events to international conferences, hospitality professionals trust our platform to measure satisfaction and sentiment and capture actionable feedback.

Quickly build surveys your guests will want to engage with

Our survey platform provides the powerful design features you need to quickly and easily capture feedback and feelings. All plans let you send unlimited surveys, with templates and flexible question types on-hand.

For more demanding needs, our paid plans offer advanced question types and survey logic, whilst our Enterprise plans go further still, with powerful dashboards and custom variables.


Reach your guests both on and offline

All our plans offer unique links so you can easily share and track your survey, or embed it onto your website.

For even more flexibility our business plans and above provide the option to send and track surveys using our dedicated email distribution tool. Enterprise further extends your options with SMS surveys or options to capture responses offline or using kiosks.


Get more actionable insights

We provide the tools you need to reveal the most important insights. All plans can present your responses in real-time, with a visual summary to let you more easily make sense of the feedback.

Paid plans go further, with the option to create, save and share bespoke reports such as custom charts, word clouds and data filtering. Business plans and above add in automated report scheduling, cross tab exports and raw and summary data.

What can you measure with a hospitality survey?

Use our survey software to gather opinions, feedback and the information you need to help improve service delivery and client satisfaction.

Events and conferences

Whatever event you are hosting, from a training course to an award ceremony, a large trade exhibition to a global conference, using event surveys to gather and measure the opinions, sentiment and satisfaction levels of your guests and delegates will help you better plan, organise and host successful events in the future.

Travel tour evaluation

After taking part in a tour, whether it be a day trip to London, safari in South Africa or jaunt around the French wine lands, ask your guests to evaluate it. How did they find the pace of the tour and itinerary? Would they recommend it to family and friends? Were the tour guides friendly and informative?

Flight and airline evaluation

If you work for an airline or travel agency conduct a survey that looks specifically at the flight itself. For example, how comfortable were the seats? Was the entertainment up to scratch? Was the inflight service what they expected? Be sure to add an extra comment box for any ideas your travellers may have.

Your guests’ stay

If possible, ask for feedback from every guest who visits your hotel, B&B, resort, inn, lodge or holiday cottage. Are they being ‘wowed’ as they walk in the door? Are staff friendly and helpful? Were the amenities and facilities as they expected? With this valuable feedback your accommodation and service can only get better.

Travel agency feedback

Travel agencies are dedicated to taking the stress out of planning and booking a holiday or trip, but do your clients feel this way? Be sure to ask customers if they prefer to book a holiday in person, on the phone or online so you can tailor your service. Were they happy with the price of the package? And was enough information about their holiday supplied?

Tourist experience

If you run a tourist attraction or accommodation you depend on a steady and constant flow of people. But what is attracting the tourists to your local area and what happens if it loses its attraction? Create a questionnaire to discover why people come to your city or county and how you can keep them coming back again and again.

Packages and promotions

Do you really know what your customers want? Do travellers like to book flights and hotel packages? And do they also want to hire a car? Surveys can help you double check buying trends so you can provide exactly what your customers want from a travel agency or website.

Value for money

Travel and leisure are often the first things to go when people are cutting back, so you need to know whether your service and hospitality is perceived as value for money. Stay competitive and keep attracting customers by checking you’re providing an affordable and amazing service.

Everything else

If you have a survey requirement that isn’t reflected here, get in touch with our friendly team. We are confident our powerful online survey software will work for you.

Keep your guests coming back for more

In the hospitality industry happy guests and travellers are your very best salespeople. We all love to come back from an amazing holiday or step off a comfortable flight and share our positive experience. Likewise, we will also share our terrible ones. It’s widely recognised that the most trusted form of advertising is word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family – so give your guests and travellers something great to talk about.

Online surveys are a quick and efficient way of discovering what your customers really think, and with this data you can ensure you’re providing the best experience possible. Surveys are an essential quality assurance, feedback and evaluation tool for every aspect of your hospitality and travel service and company – and we’re here to help you get started

Creating hospitality surveys

Start by using a template we’ve already created for you or, if you have your questions in mind, design your own. Our online survey software is very user -friendly, however, if you need some help we’d happily host an online demo for you, just contact our helpful team.

All you need to do next is add your guests contact details, send the survey, and watch as the responses come in. Or, why not set up a tablet or computer in your reception and ask leaving guest to complete your short survey. We also provide powerful analysis and graph creation tools, so you can get the most out of results.

For inspiration view our growing collection of hospitality questions, including conference examples, questions for food surveys and ideas for capturing hotel guest feedback.

If you require multiple SmartSurvey users and more powerful branding features, we offer plans perfect for teams and larger organisations.

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