Patient Experience

Quickly identify and act on issues that matter the most to your patients.

Trusted by 10,000+ healthcare providers


Know what your patients are really thinking

Measure and improve your patient experience through surveys at key touchpoints of each patient’s journey with you

NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT)

Assess what your patients really think about the quality of treatment and care they’ve received from you. And discover what they would say about you to their friends and family.

Patient satisfaction

From appointment booking and waiting times, to the standard of facilities in your hospital, practice or GP surgery. Trigger a patient satisfaction survey to measure how happy your patients are with the service and experience you’re delivering for them.

Clinical audits

Maintain high levels of clinical patient care. Capture staff and patient feedback through a clinical audit survey to assess how well best practice standards are being adhered to, so you can make any improvements you need.

Quality improvement

Drive ongoing quality improvements throughout your healthcare organisation. Issue quality improvement surveys to staff at regular intervals, to assess the processes you have in place, further improve quality and see what more can be done to raise standards.

Mental health surveys

From your patients to your staff. Regularly check in with these stakeholders, to identify anyone struggling with their mental health, so you can swiftly provide the support they need.

Patient Net Promoter Score®

Gauge how likely your patients would be to recommend your services to others. Trigger NPS surveys to measure and track your performance and number of advocates over time.


Connect with your patients, wherever they are

The broad capabilities of our platform mean you can easily reach out to patients on-site, on the road or when they get back home.

Email SMS Kiosks Paper QR codes Pop-ups Triggers Offline


Distribute your surveys by email and track views, open rates and opt outs. Customise and personalise your emails, with your own custom domain and other key brand identifiers, to instil trust and confidence in your patients to reply. Boost patient engagement by scheduling email reminders to those who haven’t initially responded.


Capture patient feedback at the point of experience. Immediately trigger a survey to a patient’s mobile following the completion of an appointment or visit, which they can either complete as soon as they receive it, or at a more convenient time.


Collect patients’ feedback while it’s still fresh in their minds. With Patient Satisfaction Survey Kiosks located in high traffic areas such as hospital receptions, you can maximise your opportunity for gaining valuable patient opinion as people move around your premises.


Never miss out on opportunities for collecting feedback from patients that can’t or don’t feel comfortable using other digital options. When paper is required, simply print out your survey for paper completion and enter the responses via a special link.

QR codes

Expand your survey’s availability and reach with Quick Response Codes (QR). Distribute the QR code link via the web or on printed collateral and attach to walls, doors or notice boards in high traffic areas, so patients with a smartphone can scan your QR code and immediately begin completing your survey.


From more information about your services to your patient visiting times. Whatever it is patients, or the wider public are trying to find out about your healthcare organisation, you can place pop-up surveys within these frequently visited areas of your website to examine how well you’re meeting their needs.


From an initial appointment and consultation, through to hospital treatment and discharge. Trigger a satisfaction survey, whenever a patient completes a key stage of their patient journey with you, to get their views about their most recent experiences, so you can make any improvements you need.


Keep capturing feedback from patients, even when they’re in the remotest of locations with little or no internet connectivity. Our software makes this easy. Load an offline survey to a smartphone or tablet, collect and then download their responses when you’re back online.


Quickly identify and share your most crucial patient feedback

Pin-point and better understand the most crucial moments of your patient’s journey, through powerful in-built reporting tools that enable you to view and analyse data in real-time.

With the ability to swiftly collect, analyse and share your data findings, you can get information to the right people more quickly, helping to boost understanding and the co-ordination of care throughout your organisation.

Transform your understanding of what patients think about your services, with tools including advanced filtering, word cloud and text analysis, that help you to quickly make sense of qualitative feedback.


Drive improvements in care

Address key issues in the moment with automated workflows


Build fully customised workflows by leveraging your SmartSurvey data via a REST API.

From their initial consultation to their treatment discharge. Automate your processes and receive instant updates for every response via webhooks. Enrich the quality of your data with timely feedback collection at key points of each patient’s journey.

Build bespoke integrations that help ensure you issue surveys at the point of experience and exchange data with your critical systems and workflows. This is easy with our powerful APIs.


Trigger notifications that alert yourself, or anyone else, via email when key patient events happen.

Whether that’s alerting your patient experience team, or specific departments, wards or teams about a low patient NPS score, or simply updating yourself to check every response that comes in.

When you have alerts in place, you’re able to act on developing issues much quicker and swiftly take the actions you need to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.


Push essential survey data from SmartSurvey into other key business systems such as Tableau and Power BI and help drive more informed decision making and action across your healthcare organisation.

Our work with powerful automation tools such as Zapier, makes it simple for you to develop integration to and from popular applications such as Office 365, Google, HubSpot and much more.

Integrate surveys with your website analytics easily through Google Tag Manager.


Ensure your surveys are fully accessible to every patient that wants to respond, maximising the volume and quality of feedback you have to work with, so you can make the critical improvements you need.

It’s simple to achieve with our platform with its built-in accessibility options, which includes an accessible survey theme, that provides compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accreditation standard.

In addition, we are experienced with and can support you with the creation of Easy Read surveys.

Security compliance

Maintain the security of your NHS patient data and systems, and stay compliant, with a survey platform that adheres to the highest levels of IT security and data protection

Know that your sensitive data is safe and secure, with a provider that is compliant with both GDPR and the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

As an ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited business, we have some of the most robust industry processes and infrastructures in place to secure customers’ data including hosting in a secure, UK based data centre. So, you can be rest assured that you will never be at risk of your data leaving the UK, which is a critical requirement for sensitive patient data.

Further security provisions are available for survey project teams that need to access and share surveys, thanks to our team management and access control tools.

From Single Sign On, Two-Factor Authentication, password policies and user permissions, to tools for preventing indexing and enabling IP restrictions. Our tools can help keep your surveys private and safe from external interference and ensure only the people with the right authorisation can access specific areas.

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Get your patient experience improvement programme moving quickly with our wrap around support


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Optimise the performance of the very first survey you build and send out with us. Our customer support experts will work alongside you to ensure everything involved with your first survey is on track for meeting the objectives and insight you require.

Success and growth

Get the results you set out to achieve. From our dedicated account managers and customer support teams to our quarterly customer account reviews and wide-ranging survey templates. We’ll work in partnership with you to ensure you’re getting everything you need to achieve your long-term aims.

What is Patient Experience?

Patient experience (PX), is concerned with your patients’ perception of your healthcare organisation, based on their experiences with it. This includes all the interactions they’ve ever had during their patient journey with you.

Measuring and working to improve the patient experience has become an essential requirement for healthcare organisations, as it’s viewed as key in supporting the improvement of healthcare quality, governance and public accountability.

Maintaining a positive patient experience across all the key touchpoints of a patient’s journey with you, is seen as critical to your ability to attract and retain patients.

Success stories

Trusted by leading healthcare providers worldwide. More than 10,000+ organisations rely on SmartSurvey to collect data on- and offline.

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust logo.

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

When you’re an essential provider of healthcare services, continually striving to drive-up standards of patient care, patient feedback is critical.

General Medical Council

The GMC drives up stakeholder engagement with our digital survey platform.

NHS Solihull CCG

By using SmartSurvey for their research needs, NHS Solihull CCG has simplified their data collection system.

NHS logo.

Derbyshire NHS Foundation Trust

Derbyshire NHS can now run its online surveys, audits and forms, all while keeping data securely in the UK.

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