Survey Software

Capture data and opinions from the people that matter most – customers, staff, students and citizens – with the use of smart and flexible online and offline survey software.

Create surveys

Providing you with the features to create engaging smart surveys

20+ question types

From multiple choice to free text, Likert scales to NPS, ranking to slider scales. Everything customisable in many ways.

Advanced logic and actions

From skip logic to page randomisation, piping to pre-population, email triggers to scoring. Use our powerful features to create professional online surveys.

One survey, multiple languages

Create custom surveys in multiple languages and receive results in the respondent’s language of choice, then easily access and analyse the data within one set of results.


Create amazing looking surveys

Add your logo

In just a couple of clicks, you can upload your logo and add it to your survey them.

On brand every time

The look and feel of your surveys are of the utmost importance. With full CSS control, you can customise every detail of your theme to perfectly match the look and feel of your brand.

Custom domain branding

A custom domain enables you to fully brand your survey links by removing any references to SmartSurvey and replacing them with your brand details, helping you to build more trust and familiarity with your respondents.


Reach your customers, wherever they are

The power of our platform ensures an omnichannel experience for your customers across all touchpoints. Gather in-the-moment feedback, no matter what channel they use. 

Email SMS Embed Pop-ups QR codes Kiosks Offline Triggers Integrations


Construct email invitations to distribute to your contact lists and easily track views, open rates and opt outs. Win confidence and trust, with the ability to personalise and customise your email, with your own custom domain and other brand identifiers. Set up automated reminders to maximise engagement with those that don’t initially respond.


Quickly reach your customers, wherever they are with SMS surveys. Further boost engagement and response rates, by customising your text message with your own company or product ID, for instant brand recognition.


Get feedback at the point of contact and increase customer engagement, with a survey link embedded into the body of a web page, app or live chat application. By helping to minimise other distractions an embedded survey, helps keeps users focused on your survey until its completed.


Collect responses from the visitors you want to reach, at the right time with non-intrusive surveys. Control the amount of user engagement required to trigger the pop-up and set a frequency level. This will ensure you get the traffic you need for your surveys, without causing too much inconvenience for your visitors.

QR codes

Reach more customers easily with Quick Response Codes (QR), which help distribute your survey link via the web or printed collateral. It’s quick and simple for respondents with a smartphone or tablet to scan your QR code, and immediately begin filling out your survey.


Conduct offline surveys at trade shows and events, or at the point of experience in applications such as hospitals from dedicated survey kiosks. It’s simple to enable with your survey software by click starting kiosk mode, which opens a fresh, blank survey each time a survey is completed.

Offline & paper-based

Complete your survey from anywhere with offline survey software. Simply load your survey onto a mobile device, collect your responses, store them and download your data for analysis once you’re connected to the internet again. If you prefer paper, print out your survey for paper completion and enter your responses via a special link.


Apply advanced email triggers to drive more actionable insight for your organisation. It’s simple to create and automate a thank you email that’s immediately dispatched to a customer when they finish your survey. Further boost the value of your customer interactions by inviting them to leave feedback about your organisation on external review sites.


Connect with your customers with a set up that best suits your needs, whether that’s through our channels, your own or a mix of both. Thanks to our powerful APIs and online tools such as Zapier, it’s quick and easy to connect your own applications, seamlessly with anything you need.

Don’t have respondents? See our Consumer Panels


Perform in-depth data analysis to reveal actionable insights that will help you create opportunities.

Real-time results

View survey responses in real-time for instant analysis. Create graphs, find trends, and use custom filters to generate the insight needed to drive business forward.

Export data

Easily export data from SmartSurvey, for further analysis across all the most popular formats. From word/pdf for single response data and word/excel for a summary report, to XLSX, CSV, TSV, SPSS for bulk responses.


Segment your survey data easily with our hugely flexible filtering tools. It’s simple to establish rules to include or exclude respondents based on the answers to questions, variable or column data, tracking link, or date/time criteria.

Create custom reports

Customise reports the way you want to. Activate or deactivate visual elements such as the display of questions, free text questions, charts and statistical information through custom ‘Views’. You can also create as many reports as you need.

Text analysis / word clouds

Automatically create word clouds and lists to identify trends and easily manipulate free text feedback. Categorise responses to create quantitative reports from qualitative data.

Share your data

Control who receives the results of your surveys. Manage access to individual elements, such as cumulative data and individual responses.

Trusted by 300,000+ happy customers

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The complete survey solution

Whether you’re conducting market research, reviewing employee engagement or measuring customer satisfaction, our enterprise software has advanced features to suit every need.

Safe & Secure

Security is our most important feature
and we take it seriously

Security Features

Enable SSL encryption on any survey. Apply password protection and IP restriction on user accounts and survey responses.

ISO 27001 Certified

The highest possible standard for data security. An internationally recognised system for keeping information assets secure.

UK/EU Based Servers

All data is stored and backed up on UK/EU-based servers.

Data Protection Act

Fully compliant with EU Privacy Laws and registered under the Data Protection Act.

You’re in safe hands

EU & UK GDPR Compliant logo.
ISO 27001 Information Security Management logo
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PCI DSS Compliant logo
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Help and guidance for you and your team when you when you need it

We love our team and you will too. Whatever your question – big or small – always feel free to ask. Our Support Team operate during UK trading hours, so we’re working when you are. We’ll often surprise you with out-of-hours replies too.




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