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Create and distribute school surveys to collect the feedback from parents, pupils, and staff you need to grow and succeed. Improve your response rates with a ISO27001 certified and compliant survey tool.

How Schools benefit from using SmartSurvey

Online education surveys can provide valuable data to help schools, universities, and colleges gather real-time insight to help improve satisfaction amongst teachers, administrative staff, governing bodies, parents, and pupils.

Surveys can be used to measure teacher effectiveness, understand pupils’ attitudes, evaluate courses, and assess student achievement. Insight from all stakeholders can lead to an improvement in programmes and address issues that lead to shortcomings within an organisation.

School surveys allow the wider community to provide feedback on subjects that matter to them. One of the most beneficial factors of using online surveys is being able to collect real-time data, create graphs, find trends, and create custom reports that can be shared easily.

Benefits of gathering data with surveys

Collecting data using online education surveys enables you to quickly analyse results, take the necessary action, and assist with strategic planning.

Benefits of using educational surveys:

  • Save time on administrative tasks
  • Increase insight on students
  • Gather valuable parental feedback
  • Presentation and analysis of results
  • Cut costs on administration staff

Anonymous responses are a fundamental benefit of using online surveys to collect sensitive information and encourage honest feedback. By activating this function in your survey, the respondent’s IP address cannot be linked to an identifiable person.

How SmartSurvey can help schools

By using surveys for educational needs, you can collect data to help you make your school more efficient.

Not aware of the best ways to use surveys in schools? Here are some good examples:

Teacher evaluation survey

Evaluation is crucial for maintaining high standards of teaching and to identify areas of strength and growth. Collect feedback from students and teachers on the courses you offer, the learning environment, management, and performance. By using comment essay boxes, you can receive suggestions for improvements.

Exit surveys

Find out why a teacher is leaving so that you can take steps to prevent it in the future. Gather qualitative and quantitative data when a teacher leaves your school to assist you with your planning process and to identify trends, enabling you to retain staff and reduce teacher turnover. Exit surveys can produce more reliable results than face-to-face interviews due to their anonymity.

Staff well-being questionnaire

Staff satisfaction in the work place is essential to achieving improvements in pupils’ grades. By gathering insight, you can improve standards to avoid teacher shortages.

How to create harmony in the staffroom:

  • Distribute well-being surveys to collect honest feedback
  • Identify welfare and security issues that need to be addressed
  • Retain talented teachers with the use of HR surveys
  • Conduct exit surveys to identify and implement improvements

Course registration forms

Online forms make data collection easy. You can embed forms into any website page to create course sign-up registration forms, or send them by SMS or email. Forms are fully responsive on any mobile device and have multiple language options for respondents in any country. Data collected with online forms and stored on UK servers can simplify Ofsted data capture requirements and help with GDPR compliance for your school.

Parent satisfaction survey

Collect parents’ views on what your school is doing well and find out what areas could be improved. Parental involvement can help children do better academically and achieve more. One of the best ways to engage with busy parents is through online surveys.

Examples of key areas to gather insight on:

  • What parental support do pupils receive at home?
  • How do parents regard the school’s academic and social standards?
  • What is helping students succeed at school?
  • How do parents view the teachers’ roles in their child’s education?

Student course feedback

Collect opinion directly from students with educational surveys to find out where improvement and development is needed. Keep feedback anonymous to encourage honest responses and find out if there are any underlying issues.

School survey templates

SmartSurvey provides a range of survey templates that will not only save you time, but also ensure you get the answers you’re looking for. Here are some of the templates we have developed which you can use:

Using online surveys in schools

Regular appraisal has become an essential tool in education, helping school communities develop two-way communication with all stakeholders to improve courses, assess standards, and explore new methods of teaching. Conducting online surveys can be vital for tracking pupils’ progress, managing lesson performance, and identify opportunities for staff development.

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