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One of the most popular distribution methods for survey research to date is via email. To achieve this you traditionally embed a survey link into an email and distribute it manually to a mailing list of respondents. Respondents can then simply open the survey from their email and complete it in their own time.

SmartSurvey offers a fully functional email survey tool designed to save time and produce better data, whether for customer surveys, market research, government use or for surveys of business contacts or employees.

Our survey software will allow you to upload your contacts, design personalised email templates and create unique embed links for each respondent. By using this method you can boost your response rates, quickly organise your selected audiences and easily track the progress of your email responses.

Create an email survey in a few simple steps

The following guides explain how SmartSurvey can help you get started sending surveys via email quickly and easily (links open in new window):

  1. Create a email contact list
  2. Verify email addresses and domains
  3. Enable open tracking metrics

Need to know more?

Here are some useful articles about sending a survey by email (links open in new window):

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