Survey Testing

Drafting and testing an online questionnaire is essential before it is launched for respondents. After questionnaires are developed with careful drafting, subsequent testing is one more guarantee that they will efficiently serve the purpose.

The process of drafting and testing an online questionnaire should start with the mental framework focused on the essentials. The questions to be drafted should be included if they will provide the data needed. In drafting and testing an online questionnaire, the drafting of interesting questions to begin the questionnaire is a prime requirement. Interesting questions are bound to attract respondents and keep them interested and willing to proceed to the next questions.

Questions should be developed in the proper format. For example, if respondents need to point out how much time the filling of answers has taken them, it is better to include time intervals as possible answers, instead of asking general questions that need a Yes or No answer.

Using the simplest language, to enable people who are not experts in the given area of products or services, is a prime requirement as well. Neutral language is a must. The goal of an online questionnaire is to find out the opinion of the audience, and the neutral attitude can help respondents to lay out their opinions.

In drafting and testing an online questionnaire, the logical ordering of questions as well as asking one question at a time, are major assets that will lead to success. Logical ordering is a benefit for respondents who feel it easy to answer the questionnaire and are not led to experience questionnaire fatigue.

Finally, the process of drafting and testing an online questionnaire should end with the testing itself on a sample of respondents, to find out how the questionnaire works in practice before it is launched in real conditions.

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