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Better quantify and understand what your customers want need and expect

Customer survey software

The performance, functionality, and features you need to create engaging customer surveys that deliver for your business

From multiple choice to free text, Likert scales to NPS, ranking to slider scales. Everything customisable in many ways.

From skip logic to page randomisation, piping to pre-population, email triggers to scoring. Use our powerful features to create professional online surveys.

Create custom surveys in multiple languages and receive results in the respondent’s language of choice, then easily access and analyse the data within one set of results.

Create custom surveys in multiple languages and receive results in the respondent’s language of choice, then easily access and analyse the data within one set of results.

What can you measure with a customer survey?

When you want to know what your customers want, expect or believe, our flexible survey software lets you tailor questions to your unique needs.

Customer satisfaction

Calculate how satisfied your customers are with your business and use the insights gained to help increase their contentment with your brand.

Net Promoter Score

Measure how likely your customers are to recommend your company, product or service to others and take steps to improve this through your Net Promoter Score.

Customer effort score

Quantify the effort it’s taking customers to interact with your business by calculating your customer effort score (CES). Then take the steps you need to make reaching their goals easier.

Customer engagement

Measure your customer’s engagement levels and work to strengthen their emotional connection to your business, products, or services.

Customer experience

Better understand your customers’ experiences with your business and start measuring it through their many interactions with your brand.

Voice of the customer

Discover what your customers really want by collecting feedback from them about their experiences and preferences. And deliver more of what they wish for.

Customer loyalty

Better understand what makes customers return to your business with a customer loyalty survey and work to improve your customer loyalty levels.

Customer service

Measure how well your support teams are performing, by collecting feedback from your customers. Then use this insight to improve service quality and consistency.

Anything else

If you have a customer survey requirement that isn’t listed here, do get in touch with our friendly team; we’re confident our survey software can work for you.

Customer survey questions

Stuck for ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Discover the best way to open and close your survey, identify the mix of question types available to you, help avoid bias in your questionnaire and learn how to maximise the quality and volume of your responses. From customer satisfaction questions to the best way to use the Net Promoter Score question, our examples and advice will swiftly get you up and running.

Customer questions that deliver real value

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The complete survey solution

Whether you’re conducting market research, reviewing employee engagement or measuring customer satisfaction, our enterprise software has advanced features to suit every need.

Customer survey templates

Create your survey in minutes from our great selection of fully customisable templates

Tap into our many years’ experience of writing professional surveys and get a head start with one of our customer survey templates, covering a wide range of audiences and survey types.

Get ideas and save time:

Whatever survey audience you’re trying to reach, draw inspiration from our sample questions, which will provide you with ideas about further ones you could add.

Know how to structure your questions:

From multiple-choice to slider style rating questions and much more. Our sample templates will show you what question types and structure could work well for different audiences and surveys.

Customise to meet your needs:

Whatever survey template you decide to use, our sample templates can help get you started and are easy to edit and customise to your needs.

Explore survey templates

Customer survey examples

Discover the many benefits of running a customer survey

From IKEA to Alton Towers, we have many online customer survey examples to illustrate the wide-ranging benefits that are achievable through implementing a survey programme.

Strengthen your research:

Customer survey examples are great for your research. While it’s still useful to know some basic theory, there’s no substitute for viewing case studies when developing your customer survey plan.

Get ideas:

Looking for more ideas and customer survey examples? We’ve put together a great post on the benefits that can be gained when surveying your customers. You can read it here.

Get inspired:

For more examples of how customer surveys can add value to your organisation why not download our Ebook on customer experience. Its packed full of tips and tricks on how to uncover insights from your customers to drive continual improvement.

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