Customer Loyalty Surveys

Learn what makes your customers tick to keep them coming back time and time again.

What do your customers want?

Without knowing how your customers and clients feel about your product and service, you are effectively working in the dark. Are they 100% happy … are you sure? By asking for their opinions you are giving your customers a voice, so be sure to listen hard to what they say then learn fast.

Customer loyalty and retention can be directly affected by asking a few clever questions and learning from the responses. When you understand your customers’ needs, interests and motivations you can keep fine tuning your product offering and service. Likewise, by discovering what is great, and not so great, about your product and service you’re able to constantly improve. Providing your customer with the best of the best will keep them coming back for more, again and again.

How to use surveys to improve customer loyalty and retention

Understand your customer and you’ll deliver exactly what you need to ensure their loyalty. Here’s a few key topics to tackle:

Why do they like you?

Ask repeat customers why they keep coming back to you. Is it the ambience of your store, the special offers, the free next day delivery, or perhaps no one makes a mochaccino like you do? By asking your best customers questions about their brand loyalty you may discover a new USP and better understand your brand equity. Needless to say, this insight could have a huge impact on your business.

Repeat business

Would you use us again? That’s a big question … especially when the answer might be ‘no’, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know. It’s imperative to find out what will bring customers back. Is it the wonderful customer service? Convenience? Your special offers? Finding out what’s driven customers away or keeps them coming back is essential for any successful business.

What don’t they like?

Criticism can definitely be constructive, so bite the bullet and ask what customers don’t like about your product or service. You could be putting customers off without even realising it. A questionnaire that asks for brutal honesty will help you fix what irritates your customers now, so you don’t lose them later.

Refer a friend

There’s no higher compliment or more valuable marketing than receiving referrals. Do your customers make referrals? If they love your brand they may do but if they’re indifferent they probably don’t. You need to find out! Many businesses have discovered how loyal their customers are and if they would refer them to friends with a Net Promoter Score.

Competition comparison

It’s important to regularly step into your customers’ shoes and truly understand their buying motives. For example, do you know why they choose you over a competitor? Or why they’re considering using another company? Conducting a competitor comparison survey may reveal some enlightening findings.

Business to business (B2B)

Many of our customers are businesses themselves, so we understand their needs differ to those of other customers. Matters such as, speed of email response, business manner and etiquette, efficiency, and personal support will be deemed more important to our SME and corporate clients. Send the businesses you work with specialised surveys and find out how you measure up.

Communicating with customers

Online customer surveys are a great way of keeping in touch with your client base and letting them know you’re still there. Show them you care! Ask them if they have any suggestions, discover loyal customers so you can reward them, and even find out why quiet customers haven’t done business with you in a while.

Customer and client survey templates

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