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Our survey software is very user friendly yet packed full of advanced features. Take a look ...

Question Types Features

Basic Question Types FREE PRO
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Multiple Choice (Only One Answer)

Respondents can select only one answer

Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)

Respondents can select one or more answers

Single Textbox

Respondents can enter a short free form text answer

Multiple Textboxes

Respondents enter a series of short free form text answers

Comment/Essay Box

Respondents can provide a detailed text answer

Matrix of Choices (Only One Answer per Row)

Respondents can select one answer per row and column

Matrix of Choices (Multiple Answers per Row)

Respondents can select multiple answers per row and column

Matrix of Textboxes

Respondents can enter short text answers to rows and columns

Matrix of Drop-down Menus

Respondents can select drop-down answers for rows and columns

Ranking Question

Respondents are required to rank question options in order of preference

Date/Time Box

Allow the respondent to select a date from a calendar and enter a time as an answer

Descriptive Text

This can be used before or after any question to add informative text or imagery

Advanced Question Types FREE PRO
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Likert (Rating) Scale

A single-select rating scale.

Net Promoter Score

Measure customer loyalty by asking respondents to rate a product or business on a scale from 0 to 10.


Respondents can select a value from a continuous range by dragging a slider along the range.

Continuous Sum

Respondents provide numerical values, summed to a total.

Semantic Differential

Create a rating scale list of opposite adjectives for respondents to rate.

File Upload

Respondents can securely upload files as part of a survey response

Question Customisation FREE PRO
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Customise fonts and text size

Require an Answer

Respondents are required to answer a question before proceeding

Comment Box

Add an extra comment box/field at the end of any question.

'Other' Box/Choice Field

Allow respondents to provide a short text answer instead of the provided answer choices

Text Validation

Apply text format validation on open ended text questions, i.e. text length and word count limits

Answer Validation

Apply answer format validation on multiple choice (multiple answer) questions, i.e. force minimum/maximum number of options they can select

Forced Ranking

Prevent multiple selections in the same column or row

Randomise Answer Choices

Randomise the order answer choices of questions are displayed

Page/Question Auto-Numbering

Page and question numbering is automated based on the respondents path through the survey.

Show/Hide Question Numbers

Show or hide question numbers to all or some of your questions

Hide Questions

While your survey is live, hide questions no longer required without deleting

Custom Orientation

Change the orientation (vertical/horizontal) of answer choices for some question types

Add/Edit Answer Choices in Bulk

Get your survey created quicker with our bulk answer choice editor

Create Character/Word Limit

Limit the amount of text allowed within open-ended questions

Add Custom HTML to your Questions

Our question editor allows you to input your own custom HTML for full control

Custom CSS Class Name

Apply a custom CSS class name to your question element

Default Answers

Pre-set default answers to questions. You can even pipe from custom variables or contact list data.

File Upload Options FREE PRO
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Set Allowed File Types

Set the type of files respondents are allowed to upload

Set Maximum File Size

Limit the size of uploaded files

Require Min/Max Files

Request a certain number of files from your respondents

Rich Media Questions FREE PRO
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Add Videos

Embed YouTube videos into your questions

Add Images

Insert images into questions and answer choices

Add Audio

Embed audio files into your questions

Logic & Actions Features

Survey Logic FREE PRO
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Survey Scoring

Assign values, weighting or scores to question choices. The score is automatically totalled and displayed in the individual responses page within results.


Insert data from previous answers into upcoming questions automatically

Skip Logic

Ensure respondents skip irrelevant questions based upon previous answers on previous pages

Survey response notifications

Receive an email every time the survey receives a new response.

Randomisation FREE PRO
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Answer choice randomisation

Answer choices will automatically be displayed in a random order for every new respondent

Question randomisation

Sort / Flip / Randomise your survey questions to prevent bias

Page randomisation

Sort / Flip / Randomise your survey pages to prevent bias

Advanced Survey Logic FREE PRO
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Skip Logic Starting Question

When jumping to different pages using skip logic, decide what the first question on that page should be

Question Set

For example, add 10 questions to your survey page but randomly display 3 to each respondent

Page Skip Logic

Change the natural path of your survey by jumping from any page to any page

Terminal Pages

Mark any page in your survey as a terminal page (Thank You Page)

Custom URL Variables

Create special variables used to store additional data about respondents passed through the survey URL

Email Triggers

Send automatic email notifications to you or to respondents on survey completion (PDF attachment of responses is optional)

Design & Branding Features

Survey Branding FREE PRO
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Ready-made Survey Templates

Ready-made Survey templates for multiple industries

Apply a Ready-made Theme

Choose from 40+ professionally designed survey themes

Theme Designing Tool

Use your HTML/CSS knowledge to design a unique theme

Mobile-ready Surveys

Responsive design for mobile devices

Copy a Survey Theme

Copy your previously made survey themes

Customise theme colours

Upload Logo

Add a logo to your surveys

Custom Logo Link

Attach a custom URL to your survey logo

Hide "Powered by SmartSurvey" Footer

Customise Language

Language Selector Bar

Custom CSS and Scripts

Add your own custom CSS or Javascript to your surveys or themes.

Survey Design FREE PRO
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Question Size and Positioning

Customise the question size and positioning of a question within a survey

Multilingual support

Create surveys in any language

One Survey, Multiple Translations

Create one survey to be in many different translations

Edit Survey Width

Change the display size of your survey

Survey Title

Show or hide your survey titles

Survey Introduction

Add an introduction to your survey

Show/Hide Page Numbers

Display or hide survey page numbers

Button Text

Customise the survey button text

Hide Survey Back Button

Progress Bar

Add a progress bar to your surveys

Save and Continue

Allow respondents to save their current responses and come back to where they left off

Print Response Feature

Allow respondents to print off their survey responses

Customised Thank You

Add a customised thank you page

Custom Redirect

Redirect respondents to a web page of your choice on completion of the survey

Survey Closed Text

Display a custom 'Survey Closed' message

Link Branding FREE PRO
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Customise Survey Link

Customise part of your survey links

White Label (domain branding)

Brand your survey links with a sub domain of your choice, i.e. surveys.yourdomain.com

Collection Features

Survey Distribution FREE PRO
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Direct Link

Use the unique survey link for any purpose

Send via Bulk Email

Send the survey link with a customised email message to a contact list through SmartSurvey

Embed Surveys 

Embed surveys into specific pages on your website

Survey Popups / Website Intercept

Integrate your surveys into your website using a popup invitation window

Website Exit Survey

Intercept visitors leaving your website by offering an exit survey.

Social Media

Share your surveys via social media directly from SmartSurvey, including: Facebook, Twitter and more


Download to word or print your survey

Custom Tracking Links

Create custom tracking links to easily separate your survey responses.


Send your surveys via SMS. All surveys are automatically mobile friendly.

Offline Surveys

Collect survey responses without an internet connection.

Invitation Management FREE PRO
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Schedule invitations

Schedule a send date and time or send immediately

Email Reminders

Remind people to complete the survey

Test Emails

Send test emails and reminders to yourself before live distributions

Email Status Tracking

Track open, view, failures, opt-outs and completes of each respondent in your contact list.

SMS Status Tracking

Partner Integrations FREE PRO
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Pure 360 integration

Distribute surveys via your Pure360 account through the 'PureSmartSurvey' integration

Live Consumer Panels

Reach a live target audience from different countries. Choose specific demographics to get the answers you're looking for, fast.

Survey Links FREE PRO
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Default Link


Customised Link


Secure Link


Branding Domain Link


Contact Management FREE PRO
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Address Book

Manage all contacts for survey distribution within SmartSurvey

Create Contact Lists

Add One Contact at a Time

Add Multiple Emails

Copy and paste names and emails in bulk

Add Multiple Mobile Numbers

Copy and paste names and mobile numbers in bulk

Additional Data

Add additional data to contact lists

Export Data from Contact List

Survey Management Features

Administration FREE PRO
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Copy a Survey

Copy existing surveys within your account

Survey Folders

Create folders and move surveys into folders

Sort Surveys (By Name, Results)

Easily sort through your surveys

Resources FREE PRO
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File Cabinet

Upload images and documents into the file cabinet and include them in your surveys.

Question Library

Save frequently used questions into the 'Question Library' so you can quickly add them to your surveys without having to re-create them each time

Theme Library

Select a theme from a list of ready-made themes or choose ones you created.

Address Book

Manage all your contacts for survey distribution within SmartSurvey

Response Management FREE PRO
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Anonymous surveys

Hide all identifiable information to keep results anonymous

Expected Number of Responses

Set an expected response limit to your surveys

End Date

Enter an end date for your surveys

Maximum Response Quota

Set a maximum responses limit for your surveys

Prevent Multiple Responses

Restrict responses to one per respondent (cookies based)

Survey Status

Switch your survey 'online' and 'offline' manually

Survey Response Notifications

Receive an email every time the survey receives a new response

Force Complete Partial Responses

Force a partial response to become a completed response.

IP Access/Blocking

Set to allow or block access of specific IP addresses to your survey.

Compatibility Features

Compatibility FREE PRO
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Responsive surveys for any mobile device.

Tablet-ready surveys

Responsive design for any device. View surveys on tablets

Multilingual support

Create surveys in any language

3rd Party Integrations FREE PRO
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Cint Integration

Quick and easy access to a live target audience from different countries. Choose specific demographics to get the answers you're looking for

Pure 360 integration

Distribute surveys via your Pure360 account through the 'PureSmartSurvey' integration

Reporting Features

Reviewing Results and Responses FREE PRO
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View Results in Real-Time

View the results of your surveys as they come in

View Results Summary

View an overall results summary of all responses received

Print-friendly Results

View a print-friendly version of the results summary

View Individual Responses

View individual survey responses

Print-friendly Responses

View a print-friendly version of all text responses

Edit Responses

Edit completed responses you received

Delete Responses

Delete completed responses you received

Filtering Tool

Filter your responses by specific options, e.g. show only female respondents

Search Data

Search for specific keywords in open ended responses

Survey Results Sharing

Share your survey results with colleagues or friends using a link. You can password protect the page and set certain permissions to control what they can and can't see.

Text Analysis

Quantify text responses and generate charts

Export Data FREE PRO
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Export Responses Data to CSV

Export the raw data of your results into CSV (Excel) to further interrogate the data set manually

Export Individual Responses to MS Word

Download an individual response report to an MS Word document.

Export Individual Responses in Bulk

Quickly download all responses as they appear on the Individual responses tab into one PDF (.pdf) or Word (.doc) file.

Export Summary Data to Excel

Export summary data in XLSX with charts included.

Export Summary Report to MS Word

Download results summary to a Word document

Export Cross Tab Report

View and compare relationships between certain questions. This feature will generate a cross tab report with charts for all questions in your survey. This is exported in an Excel (.xlsx) format.

Export Scheduler

Set up a schedule for an export to run daily, weekly, monthly or just one-off basis. This can then be sent to any email address of your choice.

Reporting FREE PRO
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Key Analysis

View statistical information such as: Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Satisfaction rates to certain questions

Create Charts

View your results using custom charts, including: Bar, Line, Pie, etc

Chart Formatting

Edit values and labels

Cross Tabulation

Compare answers to two sets of questions against each other

Export Graphs

Download custom charts/graphs into image formats

Filtering Reports

View results using custom filters you create using the filtering tool

Filtering FREE PRO
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By Question and Answer

Filter your results by any question/answer within your survey

By Date Completed

Filter your results by the response completed date

By Contact List Data

Filter your results using the meta data in your contact list used to distribute your survey

By Text Analysis categories

Filter your results by text analysis categories

By Custom Variables

Filter your results by custom variable values passed through the survey link

By Survey Translation / Languages

Take a look at the results of your survey for each translation/language seperated into different reports

Enterprise Solutions Features

Multiple-User Management FREE PRO
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Multiple User Accounts

Add and remove multiple or individual users

Set Survey Permissions

Set specific permissions for certain users

Set Response Limits

Set the number of responses each user is allowed to consume per month

Collaboration FREE PRO
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Copy Contact Lists

Create and copy contact lists among other users

Share Survey Themes

Create branded theme templates for your business and move them into user accounts

Shared Question library

Share commonly used questions between users

Share Surveys

Duplicate and transfer surveys between user accounts

Support Features

Customer Support FREE PRO
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Email Support

Contact our support team by email

Support Tickets

Create and track Support Tickets from the Dashboard

Live Chat

Contact us through a live online chat

Phone Support

Contact us by on our free 0800 number

Dedicated Account Manager

Receive support from a dedicated account manager

Help Centre FREE PRO
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Help Articles

Browse the directory of informative and instruction articles

Quick Search

Use the search bar to find what you are looking for

Security Features

Security FREE PRO
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UK/EU-based Servers

All data is stored on servers in the UK/EU. Data doesn't leave the UK/E.U

Data Protection Act

SmartSurvey is registered under the data protection act. Data collected through SmartSurvey is owned by 'you' the user and will not be accessed nor shared with anyone else without your permission.


Enable SSL (TLS) encryption on any of your surveys

McAfee Secure

SmartSurvey is tested and certified daily to pass the McAfee Secure Security Scan penetration test


Our internal databases and applications are shielded from any access outside the firewall.

User Permissions

Allow different users different survey functionality permissions

Access Controls for Surveys FREE PRO
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Survey Password Protection

Enable password protection on surveys

Survey Authentication Protection

Require a unique Username/Password for each of your respondents to access your survey

Password Protect Survey Results

Set Password security on your survey results sharing links

Developer Features

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API Access

RESTful API that gives secure access to your survey data. Find out more on our API documentation help site.


Subscribe to receive JSON/XML notifications about certain events when they occur in SmartSurvey.

Integrate through Zapier

Connect to thousands of apps using Zapier and send your data to where it needs to be.

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