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Our survey software is very user friendly yet packed full of advanced features. Take a look…

Question Types and Customisation

Question types for every purpose

From drop-down menus to customised matrix tables and multiple choices, our library of question types and handy customisation tools help you collect the data and answers you need.

For All Your Questions

Gather preferences with ranking questions, opinions with rating questions and qualitative data using open-ended text boxes. Collect the data and answers you need with our user friendly question designer.

Smart Answer Restrictions

Avoid the chance of invalid, inaccurate or incomplete responses by setting word count limits, ‘other’ choice fields, adding custom validation prompt messages, randomising answer options and making questions mandatory.

Rich Media Questions

Design questions that allow your respondents to engage with videos, audio or images embedded within your surveys. This great feature can be used on any question type.

Logic and Actions

Advanced and interactive surveys

To avoid survey abandonment you need to be asking the right questions to the right people. No one likes irrelevant questions. Use our smart Logic features and make your surveys as relevant as possible to each respondent.

Clever Skip Logic

Create responsive, intelligent surveys with our nifty skip logic features. Show and hide irrelevant pages based upon the respondent’s previous answers on previous pages. Even ensure they jump past entire sections.

Piping & Responsive Surveys

Use answers from previous questions and insert them into upcoming questions automatically. This is a great way to get more info on a previous answer or even personalise the survey.

Randomise Answer Choices

Help ensure the accuracy of your survey results and eliminate bias by randomising answer choices. This feature ensures the choices are automatically displayed in a random order to every respondent.

Design and Branding

Complete control of your survey design and branding

Incorporating your brand’s look and feel into your surveys couldn’t be simpler; customise everything from the logo and background image to the fonts and question colours. You can even create a completely unique theme or customise a ready-made one.

A Completely Branded Experience

Add a professional finishing touch by customising your survey’s web address (smartsurvey.co.uk/yoursurvey) or use your own sub domain (surveys.yourdomain.com) to give your respondents a completely branded experience.

Survey Design In Your Hands

Our survey design tool is completely open and unrestricted, so there are no limits on your creativity. If you have HTML/CSS knowledge you can design a completely unique theme.

Total Messaging Control

Match your brand’s tone of voice by editing the text used in your surveys. Customise everything from the buttons and validation messages to the survey introductions and thank you messages.

Make Smarter Decisions

Create online surveys and forms with our user-friendly yet advanced survey software.

Distribution and Collection

Survey distribution and data collection

Reach your audience quickly and easily by distributing your surveys online directly from SmartSurvey. You can send survey invitations via email and SMS, share via social media and embed your survey or forms directly into your website.

Send & Track Survey Invites

Send bulk email and SMS survey invitations, send reminders and easily manage contact lists. Check on the status of your invites; track open rates, views, failures and opt-outs.

Integrate With Your Website

Ensure your respondents never have to leave your website by embedding your surveys and forms into any webpage. Just copy and paste the survey embed code directly from SmartSurvey.

Buy Responses

With our Consumer Panel service, you can reach specific target markets and get guaranteed responses, fast. Choose different countries and specific demographics to get the answers you’re looking for.

Survey Management Tools

Tools to simplify survey management

Managing and organising multiple surveys should be as straightforward as creating them. With our clever survey management tools it is. Create folders for different surveys, easily find what you’re looking for, and store themes and frequently used questions in Libraries.

Easily Manage Survey Responses

Creating lots of great surveys means getting lots of responses. Keep track of the data you collect by setting response quotas, a survey end date and follow your completion rate statistics.

Organise Your Surveys

It’s great to keep organised. Create folders, sort and file away your surveys, use the search bar to quickly find what you’re looking for, and copy existing surveys within your account.

Very Useful Libraries

It’s great to keep organised. Create folders, sort and file away your surveys, use the search bar to quickly find what you’re looking for, and copy existing surveys within your account.

Accessibility and Compatibility

Compatibility and accessibility options

We want your surveys to be as accessible as possible, after all, no survey should be tricky or frustrating to respond to. Your survey design will be compatible with mobile devices, support different languages and integrate with your social media networks.

Mobile Device Friendly

Our survey themes use responsive design so your surveys can be completed on any mobile device. You can send out links and never worry about surveys being opened on a phone..

Smart Multilingual Surveys

Our online software supports survey creation in any language, including those with right-to-left formatting. Use SmartSurvey anywhere in the world, send your surveys to anyone, and write them in any language.

Social Media Sharing

It’s great to keep organised. Create folders, sort and file away your surveys, use the search bar to quickly find what you’re looking for, and copy existing surveys within your account.

Make Smarter Decisions

Create online surveys and forms with our user-friendly yet advanced survey software.

Survey Reporting and Results Analysis

Reporting tools for powerful analysis

We understand that smart surveys are designed to collect smart data, which helps you make smart decisions. View results in real-time so you can act quickly, create graphs for reporting, export data for further analysis and share your results with anyone.

Real-Time Survey Responses

Watch survey responses being collected in real-time. Immediately use and act on the respondent data, testimonials, market data and satisfaction feedback you collect. Don’t wait to make those decisions and changes.

Export Your Data

Turn your results into custom graphs and charts within SmartSurvey for handy results summaries. Also, easily export the exact survey data you need to CSV (Excel) for further analysis.

Share Results Easily

Download and print responses and reports in one click, or give others access by sending them a password-protected link so that they can view the results for themselves. Sharing’s caring.

Multi-user and Corporate Tools

Flexible multi-user and corporate options

Work in a team and share your SmartSurvey account with your entire organisation with ease and flexibility. Share survey resources, such as questions and themes, with your whole team or department. Select designated Administrators to manage multiple users and their privileges.

Manage Multiple Users

Whether you work in a small, medium or large enterprise you can manage multiple users with ease. Admins can add and remove users, and set response quotas per person.

Share Important Resources

Help your team work efficiently by sharing themes, contact lists and commonly used questions. If specific surveys and forms need to be used, they can be duplicated and transferred between users.

Set & Control Privileges

Account administrators can set different survey functionality permissions for multiple or individual users. Access to each feature can be regulated, from design updates to results viewing and survey settings management.

Customer Support

Our smart and friendly support team

We love our team and you will too. Whatever your question – big or small – always feel free to ask. Our Support Team operate during UK trading hours, so we’re working when you are. We’ll often surprise you with out-of-hours replies too.

However You Like To Chat

Contact us via email or support tickets from your account and social media. Business and Enterprise Users can use our 0800 support number and with an Enterprise Account you’ll also receive support from a dedicated Account Manager.

Our Dedicated & Friendly Team

Whichever SmartSurvey account you use you’ll always have access to our brilliant Support Team, whatever your question. We operate during UK office hours, and our team is located in the UK so your data is never accessed from outside the UK.

Live Demos

We often host online demonstrations, so we can show you SmartSurvey “in person”. If there’s a feature you’d like explained, or a project you need help with don’t be shy, we’ll happily talk to you about how to achieve your goals.

Make Smarter Decisions

Create online surveys and forms with our user-friendly yet advanced survey software.

Safety and Security

We take security as seriously as you do

Security is our most important feature and we take it seriously. Our internal databases and applications are shielded by firewalls. We’re certified daily by McAfee Secure Security Scan. We’re registered under the Data Protection Act.

UK/EU-based Servers

The SmartSurvey team is based in the United Kingdom and so are our main servers.

Data Protection Act

SmartSurvey is registered under the Data Protection Act. Data collected is owned by ‘you’ the user. Learn About GDPR

Access Controls For Your Surveys

Control access to any of your surveys by applying password protection and setting username/password security. Also set passwords for your survey results. Keep the private, private.

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