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For companies of any size, our market research surveys can help gather feedback, measure consumer awareness or assist in the development of new products. Get the insights you need to grow your business fast.
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Market research surveys

Get accurate insights to make informed decisions

Need people to take your survey but don’t have contacts in your address book? Get responses with our Live Audience service.

Review customer feedback on products and services throughout the buying lifecycle to drive improvements.

Gather accurate data to develop a clear industry picture in order to make smart, informed decisions fast.

Accrue feedback to benchmark your brand against your competitors in order to increase your market share.

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Reach the right audience for your research

SmartSurvey’s Live Consumer Audience service gives you instant access to more than 20 million respondents in over 70 countries. Interview any demographic group, from general consumers to niche audiences. Start getting real opinions from real people.

Connect with your customers effectively

Distribute mobile responsive customer satisfaction surveys via web links, emails, social media or QR codes and collect results in real-time. Send by SMS, collect data offline or capture data from web site visitors. Gather customer feedback anytime, anywhere.

Web intercept

Get real-time feedback from your website visitors with targeted surveys. Trigger them to appear based on the pages visited.


Extend the reach of your surveys by collecting data at the point of experience. Save feedback ready to download when you’re connected.


Capture information about your business from web site visitors. Use relevant triggers to get opinion directly from the people that matter.


Collect in-the-moment feedback from any location. Gather honest consumer insight at the point of experience, when it matters most.


All surveys created with SmartSurvey software are mobile responsive. Catch people on the move and capture information when it matters.

Telephone surveys

Generate unique survey links to get answers on your customer’s behalf. Merge results with data gathered elsewhere to build the full picture.

SMS invitation

Send your survey by SMS and target users on the move. Reach your audience anywhere, at anytime and capture feedback instantly.

Social media

Engage with like-minded people and collect their feedback. Share surveys directly onto any social media platform and gather opinion fast.

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Read our case studies to find out how we help our clients find solutions, make smart decisions and improve performance to grow their business.
West Lothian College

West Lothian College

Discover how SmartSurvey helped transform West Lothian College’s survey engagement and response rates.
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Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

When you’re an essential provider of healthcare services, continually striving to drive-up standards of patient care, patient feedback is critical.
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By using SmartSurvey, the Education Development Trust built a robust, flexible and above all confidential survey solution for their teachers.
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Alton Towers

Alton Towers

Delighting visitors by using customer surveys to find out what will make them smile (or scream).
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