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SmartSurvey makes it quick and easy to deliver high quality surveys. An easy-to-use editor means you can create a simple survey in minutes. Our library of templates can make it even quicker to get a survey online.
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Easy-to-use editor

Creating a survey from scratch is an easy step-by-step process of adding questions, choosing the type for each question, and adding the question content, and any answer options. For multiple-choice questions, you can add the options in bulk as a list.

Save time with survey templates

SmartSurvey includes an extensive library of survey templates, covering a wide range of industries and applications, including customer feedback, HR surveys, data collection, product feedback, and more. Allowing you to save time focusing on the most important parts of your survey.

Create your own question library

If you have questions that you use across multiple surveys, then our question library feature allows you to save them into an account library for future use. Multi-user accounts can access a shared library folder, helping your teams maintain consistency across multiple surveys.

Create engaging surveys easily

An intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor lets you format your question text for styles and fonts, add links, add images, everything you need to make your survey clear, engaging, and effective.

Multi-device preview

The built in Survey preview feature lets you test surveys easily, straight from the editor. Check how the survey looks and functions, with skip logic and piping all functional in the preview mode. You can even check how your survey will display on tablets or mobile devices with an integrated option to change the display style.

Get instant results

You don't have to wait for hours to check on your results. Every response collected is available for reporting as soon as it's submitted, so you can see your responses build up in real time and get feedback almost instantly.

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Our survey software is user friendly yet packed full of advanced features. Find out how our platform can deliver the results you need.


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