360 Feedback Surveys

Gathering feedback anonymously from co-workers to produce constructive employee reviews can consistently outperform traditional performance based systems. But while 360-degree surveys are a powerful tool, they are also complex and time-consuming to deliver. Save time and stress with SmartSurvey’s fully-managed 360 survey service.

Anonymity assured

By using SmartSurvey instead of an internal solution, you can be reassured that responses are both anonymous, and not available to colleagues.

Time saving

Benefit from a wide range of pre-made email, questionnaire and form templates. If you already have a process in place we will design to your exact specifications.

Secure and compliant

Data security and privacy is at the heart of what we do. You can be assured of GDPR compliance and ISO27001 certified security.

No contracts

We can offer a bespoke price for your 360 surveys based on what you need, and don’t lock you into an ongoing contract.

360 methodology

Helping employees learn things about themselves they would otherwise have never realised is the core principle behind the 360 process. 360 surveys help employees spot their ‘blind spots’ in a manner that they are willing to accept and incorporate. When team members get an outside view of their actions and behaviour from a 360 survey, they will know exactly where to improve.

Our 360 survey service will:
  • Work to your specifications to create all the required forms and questionnaires to gather 360 feedback.
  • Handle the anonymous distribution of invitations to employees, then send referees surveys to complete.
  • Provide the finished reports for every employee in the format you request.

Find out how we can help transform your business:

Success stories

Trusted by leading companies and brands worldwide. More than 400,000 people rely on SmartSurvey to collect data online.

Birmingham City Council

Thanks to SmartSurvey, our communication strategy is making us stand out from the crowd. By using SMS, asking the right questions and acting on results, IKEA is one step ahead of the competition.

Alastair, IKEA

We couldn’t be happier with Smartsurvey, we love its functionality and flexibility. This means we have been able to use one survey tool across many parts of the business.

Martin, uSwitch

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