Feature highlights

Measure Key Survey Metrics

Measure the key survey metrics that matter – averages, key statistics, Net Promoter® Scores, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort and more – to make the right decisions for your business or organisation.

Specific question types for the most important metrics

SmartSurvey has built-in question types to collect data for NPS®, Customer Effort Scores, Customer Satisfaction metrics and more. Quickly create effective feedback surveys by adding the questions you need with suggested question text and answer options.

Automatic calculation and reporting

Net Promoter®, Customer Effort, and Customer Satisfaction Scores are calculated automatically, and the data is displayed in reports via customisable charts, making it easy and quick to review your data and make great reports from your data.

Get more detail from your customers via skip logic

Skip Logic allows you to direct respondents to, or past, a specific page based on the answer they give to a question, which means you can create tailored follow-up questions so you can find out more information about those key interactions. Get more details about when your customers had a great or bad experience.

Follow up with your customers with targeted automated emails

Combining Skip Logic with email triggers means you can create targeted follow-up or alert emails based on your respondents’ answers to questions. You can send emails anywhere, so you can follow up with or automatically reach out to a respondent or send a heads-up to your customer support or account managers about significant feedback.

Create logic based on overall scores

By using survey scoring and piping, you can control skip logic and conditional triggers using overall scores across the entire survey. Set logic with a threshold so your follow-ups will only happen if an aggregate score is below a particular level.

Share your metrics in customised reports

SmartSurvey includes a full reporting function, displaying all the data collected for your survey via real-time charts, with a huge amount of customisation available. Once you’ve customised your report, you can share it with your colleagues via fully branded sharing link, which you can make secure with a password.

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