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1. Join our Experience Panel to help shape our service
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We are currently redeveloping the public appointments website. The new service will have much more functionality, allowing members of the public not only to search for public appointment vacancies across departments, but also to apply for them online and track progress with their applications. Putting user experience first and involving members of the public in the design is a key priority for us. We have already spoken to some users, and that has been critical in informing early designs. We are now looking at establishing an Experience Panel so that we can share our working ideas and receive feedback as we build the service.

Who can join the Experience Panel

Anyone with an interest in public appointments who may use the site on an ad-hoc or regular basis to browse and apply for public appointment roles.

What is involved in taking part

Taking part will include reviewing features, designs and/or content. This could be independently or with a facilitator, by completing short surveys or by taking part in interviews or group discussions. At the moment these activities will be carried out remotely, online or on the phone. 

We will endeavour to give plenty of notice about upcoming research, and what taking part involves. However, there is no obligation of any kind to get involved.

This is a volunteer role, there is no remuneration for taking part.

Any information you provide will be treated in confidence and in accordance with regulations on data protection. 

How to get involved

Please could you take 5 minutes to complete the following questionnaire to register your interest.