Use this form for boilers, engines, generators (back-up and stand-by) and turbines less than 50MW thermal input that are classed as Medium Combustion Plant and are also:
  • Specified Generators (SG)
  • Equal to or greater than 20MW thermal input (in size) (referred to as a 1.1 Part B activity), or
  • Burns 50kg or more of waste biomass per hour (see definition of waste biomass) (referred to as a 5.1 Part B activity)
This form should not be used for an MCP that is part of a new or existing installation or waste operation site. You should use the relevant installation or waste operation forms . 

This form should not be used for an MCP that is already permitted under a Part B Local Authority permit. Please contact if you already hold a Part B Local Authority permit and would like to include your existing Medium Combustion Plant or Specified Generator.
Before completing this application form, you will need to read through the Medium Combustion Plant and Specified Generator guidance to ensure:
  • You are applying for the correct permit
  • You understand what supporting information you need to submit with your application
  • You have completed the necessary assessments required by your type of application
  • You include the correct fee

I have read the guidance *