Food Suppliers Technical Survey

Food Suppliers Technical Survey

CCS wishes to introduce an electronic management system, to act as an interface between food producers, suppliers, processors and logistic suppliers to facilitate access for Public Sector bodies to primary food producers, suppliers and processors regardless of their capacity and capability to meet individual Government contracts.

Therefore we are seeking a Technology & Management Supplier with an automated Technology Platform that operates in real time, that routes, orders, quotes, invoices and queries electronically and provides the detailed management information as described below.

This questionnaire is to gauge capability and capacity of technology suppliers to provide a developed proven product. Any information gathered will be treated as 'commercial in confidence' and will only be used for the purposes of developing the agreement. Therefore, it is appreciated if you could take time to respond where possible and return the questionnaire.

Any questions or comments, please email

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The Technology Platform, at the instance of the buyer placing the order on the system, must have the ability to identify the following:-
  • Capability/capacity of a producer to fulfil an order
  • Pre shipment hold days
  • Mini competition management
  • Fully dynamic pricing
  • Order management (order split by producer, product split by price)
  • Timestamp order
The Technology Platform must have the capability of producing a unique identifier for each product ordered. This product attributed code must be linked to the producer/processor and to the customer.

The Technology and Management Supplier shall provide a software platform to facilitate the placing orders by customers (via an online portal) and the fulfilment of orders by Logistic suppliers (via an online portal).
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