STRAP - Getting the Pub Open - and Beyond!

We are very excited to finally have The Railway Arms. The support from near and far is fantastic and we are really pleased that so many people are keen to get involved in so many ways. Your help will be vital in getting the Railway back on its feet and to ensuring that we realise our goals for Saffron Walden’s first Community-Owned Pub.

Below are a few questions designed to identify how you can get involved in both the immediate and longer-term future of the Railway.

1. Your details: (please provide at least one of e-mail/phone no.)
By providing your contact details you are permitting us to store these and use them to contact you for the reasons you detail below.


2. Are you able to provide help in getting the pub back on it's feet in any of the following areas?


3. Would you be prepared to provide long term support to the running of the pub?
If so do you have experience in any of the following areas?


4. Would you be prepared to serve on the committee or on a working party led by a committee member?
If so do you have experience in any of the following?


5. Are you able to help in the running of the pub in any of the following ways?


6. Do you have any additional requirements we may need to be aware of while you volunteer? e.g. restricted mobility, under 18
(this will be kept confidential)


7. Any other comments, suggestions or offers of help not covered by the questions above.